Côte d’Ivoire: 25th Anniversary of WFWP

Prepared by WFWP Côte d’Ivoire

On June 18, 2017 we had an event at Salle Latrille Event, 2 Plateaux, in Cocody city to celebrate 25th anniversary of establishment of WFWP. The celebration began with an invocation followed by the national anthem. The welcoming address was given by the representative of Mayor of Cocody.

The President of WFWP Côte d’Ivoire, Mrs. Helene Yessoh explained the theme of the celebration: “Women’s Leadership in Peace Building”. She emphasized the need to rely on the feminine qualities such as softness of the character, intuition, sensibility, and maternal heart.

After an inspiring video presentation on WFWPI and WFWPCI activities, Mr. Eugene Ahondjo, Regional Director of witnessing and education explained about the Five Universal Principles.

The Regional President of FFWPU West Africa, Rev. Dr. CHO Dong Ho spoke briefly to uplift women power in this new era. Then UPF Chairperson, Mr. AKA Sayé Lazare gave a presentation on the role of women to build peace in their homes and work together to establish peace in the nation. He also read the charter of WFWP.

Mrs. Ahoussou Patricia wife of the Minister of State, Mrs. Diby Beatrice wife of the Chair of Economic and social Council Both Presiding the ceremony, expressed their gratefulness and satisfaction for participating at such event and pledge to work hand in hand with nominees.

During the event, 9 Women Leaders received Ambassadors for Peace certificates.

Honorable Mariam TRAORE, member of parliament spoke on behalf of all recipient to congratulate WFWP initiative and engage herself to mobilize her fellow MPs to join the network of Ambassador for Peace. She said there is no happiness without peace.

The last speech was given by Mrs. Anne Désiré OULOTO, Ministry of Environment, Cleanness and Sustainable Development, who joined the conference, just arriving from Gabon. She spoke on the meaning of Peace saying Peace is not a word, it is behavior, Peace is a virtue. Peace needs a lot of sacrifice. Peace is trust in one’s neighbor.

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