Cameroon: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop


By Bekuike Jonalus Tendongafac, FFWPU Cameroon

We held a 7-Day Divine Principle workshop at the headquarters of FFWPU Cameroon in Yaoundé from May 22nd to 28th, 2017. The opening ceremony was held on the evening of May 21st. And the workshop led by our  education staff, including Mr. Bekuike Jonalus the general supervisor of the workshop, Pastor François Gwodog, Mrs. Chantal Gwodog and Mrs. Françoise Zolang.

Participants for this workshop came from three regions of Cameroon:  We had 6 participants from the church headquarters, 7 participants from the South West and 1 participants from the West of Cameroon. Actually at the begining 16 participants registered but only 14 (8 males and 5 females) could continue to the end. They were from 16 years to 56 years old.

One couple participated as the result of the blessing of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. One male seminarian was a civil servant who sacrificed a week for the workshop.

During the 7 days, the whole program proceed successfully. And as participants were writing about their reflections daily, we could see how is the daily atmosphere of the workshop. Most of the lectures were focus on the restoration of the Lineage as the only solution to bring about World Peace.



Most of the participants, as they said, found themselves in a new Family. They were mostly saying how they found the new truth through the lectures they have been receiving. Each day was different and profound in terms of lectures.  One participant mentioned about the repeated dream he had during this workshop, in which he was teaching his family members and his classmates about the Divine Principle.

Another participant said … it is so clear to her that she is in an emergency situation to take the Divine Principle to her family members. And she wished she could give these lectures to her family before.

Another participant said when his spiritual parent contacted him for this workshop, he did not take it serious and he was thinking that it is almost like a empty trust less thing. But after attending the workshop and listening to the lectures, he felt different and at the end he said …Now I am leaving this place owing an apology to my spiritual parent.

At the closing ceremony Rev. Mbuh Puis, the Director of Education, congratulated the participants and emphasized on the importance of living based on what they have been taught.

He then handed over their certificates which they hold up highly proudly during group picture.

Some congratulatory songs were offered by JinHee Amelia a second Generation for all the participants.

As our National Pastor Rev Edwin mentioned that we have a minimum of one 7-Day Workshop every month, we are preparing an other workshop for the month of June in Baffoussam.

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