Cambodia: Regional Youth Assembly


Prepared by FFWPU Cambodia

On April 28-30, FFWPU-Cambodia conducted the 1st 3-day “Regional Youth Assembly (RYA)”, in the City Hall of Kampot province, with the theme “The Role of Youth to become Leaders in Building Family, Society, and Nation of Peace”. 96 participants from different provinces participated on the first two days for workshop activities and more than 300 participants gathered on the third day. Most of the participants were very inspired by the workshop, and strongly requested to conduct more RYA workshop in their own hometown, to help more local young people to learn the valuable teaching from True Parents.

Based on this foundation, on May 27-29, FFWPU-Cambodia conducted the 2nd 3-day Regional Youth Assembly in Kampong Speu Provincial Hall, Kampong Speu Province. (Speu is the Khmer word for starfruit, but Kampong Speu is actually famous for its palm sugar and wine. This province is a natural and cultural resort, which is located in 48-Kilometer distance from Phnom Penh. The resort has natural rivers, especially the bigger Preaek Thnot River, which has many big trees growing along it and the mountain foot, and on the hill, there is the old pagoda, which is a worshipping place for Cambodian people, who go there during traditional festivals.)

This time, 94 young people from different provinces (with the average age of 17), participated on the first two days for workshop activities and more than 300 participants gathered on the third day, together with the governors from Kampong Speu Province joining the closing ceremony.

On the first day, as the opening remark, Mr. Hajime Saito, the Special Envoy to Cambodia, gave an enthusiasm lecture entitled “Let us become the Leaders in a World of Peace.” After the opening speech, Mr. Sakphea Samrith, Deputy Director, Provincial Teacher Trainig Center (PTTC), gave a short welcoming remark to the participants, he said he was very happy to welcome FFWPU-Cambodia to Kampong Speu to conduct such kind of meaningful workshop, and emphasized to the young participants the importance of the moral education, and suggested them to focus, and get more from the lectures and activities, to really become the future leaders with moral character for Peace. After that, Mr. Chamroeun Sophal, National Leader of Cambodia, gave a lecture on the Universal Principle, in the lecture he explained the principle of goodness is to live for the sake of others, and the principle of true love is to Love for the sake of others, through this he emphasized the Sacredness of marriage, and concluded that the family building is the nation building. The participants were very inspired by his lecture. And after that, Mr. Zhu Xing Zhe, Youth Special Envoy to Cambodia, gave a lecture on “Give and take action and the purpose of life”, in the lecture he tried to guide the participants to realize the purpose of life is not just find a good job but to fulfill the heavenly given 3 great blessing. After the lecture, it was the group discussion time, all the participants centered on the team leaders shared what they learn from the lectures, and after the group discussion, every group chose one representative to share in front of everyone. It was really inspired, even though they are very young, but they really focused and got the main point of the lectures, and shared their realization of the importance of mind and body unity and understanding the heart of the parents, and grateful for their teacher who invited them to join. By listening to the students’ reflections, some teachers’ eyes were filled with joyful tears.

On the second day, the program started by the Morning exercise (TIMD, guided by Ms. Lesley Ann Dunuan, Sunhak UP Graduate University Intern). The first lecture was “the attribute of true love”, given by Mr. Hajime Saito, in the lecture, he deeply shared his life story how God guided him step by step to experience the True Love, which totally changed his life, by listening to the sharing, all the participants were so toughing, and determined to follow the way. Then was the “Cause and Resolution of Conflict” given by Mr. Chamroeun Sophal. And in the afternoon was the tree planting activities, with the sponsor by the Kampong Speu Provincial Hall, we got 100 saplings for free. It was a very meaningful time for all the participants. Even though the weather was hot, but all the participants enjoyed the time digging the hole and planting the trees with the help of the partner. It was really a meaningful time, they were so happy, because of the practice of True Love,

The 3rd day was the closing ceremony, in the morning, more than 300 young people together with the government officers gathered in the provincial hall of Kampong Speu Province. H.E. Sor Poputra, Deputy Governor of KG Speu Province, came to join the whole ceremony. In this secession, first was the lecture on “How to Become True Man True Woman”, given by Mr. Hajime Saito, he emphasized we need to change the free-sex culture to the Absolute Sex culture, and help to make the Kampong Speu Province the most famous moral province in the whole world. During his lecture, 2 student leaders as the representatives guided the pure love pledge. All the participants joined them together to do the pure love pledge. After that, H.E. Sor Poputra, Deputy Governor of KG Speu Province, made a conclusion of the lecture, and shared with the participants his realization as a governor, and testified about True Parents’ teaching is very valuable for the building of the province.

In a whole view, this workshop was so profound. Almost all the participants were deeply touched not only because of the lecture, but also from the staff’s caring, this made them crazily asking when will be the next time of the UPF-Cambodia workshop. Ms. Khem Rithy (Staff & teacher from Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia), was very inspired by seeing her students got the value from the program, she said this is what they expect for quite a long time, and they really want all the young people in Kampong Speu to have the chance to learn this, and ask if there is the schedule for this next workshop, please inform her and she will help to mobilize all the young people, and support.

As the organizer, we are so grateful to see the participants got the value of the teaching from True Parents, through the workshop, we can find more hope, and really wish to conduct such RYA workshop in all the 25 provinces in the whole Cambodia, still we need to work harder, and really hope in the near future we can also welcome our beloved True Mother come to visit Cambodia, with all the sincerity heart to pray for True Parents’ wish can be fulfilled in the near future before 2020 we can establish the substantial Cheon Il Guk in Kingdom of Cambodia.

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