Austria: “Heart and Mind” Seminar with Thomas Schuh


By Gaby Zöhrer, FFWPU Austria

From May 26th to 28th we had a very special Divine Principle workshop titled “Heart and Mind Seminar” in Gaflenz, Austria, with ten participants in attendance.

The lecturer, Thomas Schuh, a trained and experienced psychotherapist unites psychology with the Divine Principle. The lectures were combined with practical experiences in small groups. This enabled the participants to learn how to change their own views by reflecting deeply within their innermost hearts, to solve inner conflicts and to attain an awareness of being co-creators as children of our Heavenly Parent. The overall content allowed for healing to take place and on the one hand, thereby facilitating personal growth and development on the other hand.

The whole seminar helped us to come closer to God, to find access to our inner resources and to experience the genuine love and care of our brothers and sisters.

Here is the testimony of Aurelia Sengseis, a 2nd generation sister:

„The lectures and exercises were a valuable contribution to the real and pragmatic implementation of the Principle. I felt how honest and open self-analysis is indispensable for a higher awareness, without which we cannot build the reality of our daily lives.

Each and every one contributed to an atmosphere which enabled interaction with both trust and respect. I felt I could be open and engage in sincere exchange.

The most beautiful and at the same time the most touching aspects were the realizations and experiences gained from the practical exercises in small groups. To get in contact with oneself intensively and to receive a neutral view from others was very helpful. I regard the simple resources and valuable tools we received for our path as a precious gift for everyday life.”

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