Another Way of Witnessing at the Family Day Fair in Prague


by Martine Masner, FFWPU Czech Republic

On May 28, 2017, Family Federation Czech Republic participated in the Family Day fair in Prague. It was a great opportunity for us, to witness about our values and our activities, since around 5000 people visit this event.

We prepared many attractive games for children at our stand, like origami and board games, and also jumping, climbing, etc. Many families came to visit us. As the children were busy with games, we talked to the parents and shared with them about the purpose of the Family Federation, and we also introduced our programs that we will hold in the future. Among them, we talked about our upcoming Blessing and our Peace Road event end of June.

Our sister Alicja Piskáčková was doing love language tests with parents. We also asked the couples, what they would be interested in and when would be the best time for them to attend our DP and couple’s seminars. To our surprise, most of them answered “Sunday afternoon”, which we usually wouldn’t think about. Many of them expressed that they would like to receive more information about our activities, and we received lots of contacts and emails.

For brothers and sisters, who came to support this event, it was really a surprise to see how such an event can naturally be a way to talk about our movement, our values and activities: a good combination of giving to others in a fun way and introducing them to the essence of the Family Federation.

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