Albania: Peace Road 2017


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

On June 7th, the beautiful city of Shkodra – north of Albania – welcomed “Peace Road 2017”. To make this project a successful one, we had a good cooperation with other Centers around Albania, with Ambassadors for Peace, with Shkodra’s municipality, with civil society representatives and different organizations and businesses.

The program was organized in two parts. In the first part, all people who came with bicycle, rode for around 40 minutes according to the planned destination. Before the departure the professional Music Band of Shkodra City performed the National Anthem and after that gave the Departure Command. While the other participants were waiting for the cyclists the band performed for them and waited until the cyclists came back.

The second part of the program started with the opening remarks by Mr. Ali Laçej, Coordinator of the Albanian Peace Council. After him three other great personalities came up on stage to give their greetings remarks;  Marie Koliqi, Vice-chairwoman of Universal Peace Federation of Shkodra, Mr. Jack Corley Chairman of FPU Europe. A special presence was that of Shkodra’s Deputy Mayor, Mr. Dritan Meta.

After the opening and greetings remarks, the main personalities signed up the big banner of Peace Road. When the activity ended everyone was free to sign also.

Afterward the program continued with a concert, where international and Albanian performers participated. The CIG Missionaries from Korean were the first who sang a Korean song and after them the CIG Missionaries from Japan performed also a Japanese song. The public really liked and welcomed them. The international performances were followed by the Albanian dance team “The Passion” who performed a traditional dance prepared professionally by Vladimir Saiti, e very famous choreographer in Shkodra City. After the dance, 5 famous singers performed Albanian songs; Arsed Muça, Serxho Gjergji, Ilsi Ademi, Niki Mjeda and Rezarta Smaja. The participation of these singers was possible due to the support of Mrs. Brunilda Keci, the responsible person of the Department of Art and Culture in Shkodra City.

During this activity were invited local and national media, Tv Rozafa, STAR PLUS, TV1 Channel, ORA NEWS. The participants were around 150 people, including the cyclists and Personalities. Through this event we could promote even more the meaning of Peace Road and the Ideal of God and True Parents in society. It was the first time that an activity of this format was held in Shkodra City. Everyone had positive evaluation and more hope for getting better and well-recognized in the future.

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