Philippines: Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Asia Tour


By Julius Malicdem, FFWPU Philippine                

The Philippine Movement received tremendous grace and blessing from heaven when the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Philippine Event was held last May 26-28, 2017 in IPLC Campus in Tanay, Rizal province, as part of the 2017 Asia Tour which started in the Philippines and later will be held in Malaysia, Nepal and Thailand.  For the 4th time after 2005, 2007 and 2014, Filipino members from all over the nation once again felt the grace from Heaven as they participated in the Chanyang Yeoksa Session, Ancestors Liberation and Blessing as well as in the Grace of the Hyojeong Wish Fulfillment Papers Offering Ceremony. More than 2,000 members including blessed couples, single and student members, children and volunteer staff have converged together in IPLC for the 3-day event with heart of filial piety.

As early as May 25th, members from all over the nation started to arrive in IPLC, which is located in the beautiful and very spiritual mountainous location in Rizal. Despite many challenges, like some harsh rains and the long travel, with some members having to travel for 2 days by boat and by land in order to reach IPLC, plus the grueling schedule, old and young alike with members with their babies and other children in tow, all came to offer jeongseong and to show their filial piety to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The wonderful scene of seeing members dressed in white going up and down towards the IPLC gymnasium had resemblance of Cheongpyeong.

The 3-Day event started formally with the Pledge Service celebrating the 55th Day of All True Things and the Founding Anniversary of HSA-UWC. Then the Opening Session started with orientation given by Dr. Jaime O. Vergara, Vice National Leader of the Philippine Church, who also served as the Overall Event Director for the 3-day program. He gave an overview of what participants would expect in the 3-day event and how they should prepare their hearts to receive the grace from heaven. Then, an internal guidance presentation on Principles of Resurrection and Restoration was given by Rev. Julius Malicdem. Other lectures presented were on the Cheongpyeong providence given by Dr. Jaime Vergara and the Guidance of Blessed Families to enter Kingdom of Heaven was presented by Dr. Shirley Vergara. The 1st day ended with the first schedule of chanyang yeoksa was conducted in the evening where excited members started to feel the great spiritual blessing and fortune from heaven.

The second day, May 27th started with a hoondokhae led by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, who gave a lecture on “How to remove the 4 kinds of sins” based on True Parents’ words. Later in the morning, Dr. Yong gave another powerful presentation on “The Works of Good and Evil Spirits and Life of Faith”. This was followed by a presentation on the Hyojeong Cheonwon Project, given by Rev. Chung Jin Hwa, Director of International Department of Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. Inspite of the humid and very warm venue, members continue to respond positively with each lecture with a lot of enthusiasm. Then in the afternoon, Mr. In Pyo Moon from Cheongpyeong, gave a very important guidance on Chanyang Yeoksa where he clearly gave emphasis on how to hit the body correctly during the Holy Song Session in order to liberate the evil spirits inside the body. He succinctly explained the grace that participants could receive in participating in the Chanyang Session especially when members keep a heart of gratitude and repentance and a longing heart to remove one’s fallen natures. Then Rev. Lee Myeong Kwan, Vice President of Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center gave a special lecture which gave the members a glimpse on the history of the Cheongpyeong Providence and elucidated Cheongpyeong’s special great work, special grace of removing evil spirits, why we need to liberate and bless our ancestors, the help that Absolute good spirits give in our life, and the grace of the Hyojeong Prayer Wish Fulfillment Papers. Then, the 2nd Chanyang Yeoksa session was conducted where brothers and sisters continue to received so much love and grace from heaven. The whole IPLC campus was shaking as the Chanyang Yeoksa session was going on with so much energy and spiritual power as the participants poured out all their hearts while shedding tears in doing the chanyang. Many testified that they truly felt the Holy Spirit moving and swelling within them during this time.

The 3rd and last day of the event, started at 6:00 AM with hoondokhae together with Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Continental Director and Special Emissary to Asia who gave a special guidance on the Fundamental Duties of Cheon Il Guk Citizens. Dr. Yong gave emphasis on the significance of tithing, worship and life of trinity. He underscored the heavenly practice of these important traditions based on True Parents words and guidance. At exactly 8:00 AM, the Chanyang Team composed of Second Generation members took the stage once again to lead all participants in the Chanyang Holy Song Session. The thunderous claps of brothers and sisters filled the mountains of Tanay echoing with a lot of spiritual power. As if the spirit of True parents and the whole good spiritual world embraced the members with love as they liberate their ancestors. As participants wept as they offered their prayers, they could feel God and their ancestors crying with them and peace truly enveloped their hearts.

The next program held was the Hyojeong Prayer Wish Fulfillment Offering Ceremony. Five boxes of wish papers were offered through the Officiators Rev. Lee Myeong Kwan and Dr. Chung Sik Yong with the 4 offerers carrying Wish Fulfillment Papers went up on stage and dissolved the papers in the water. When everyone offered unison prayer as they poured out their hearts in intense prayers to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the fulfillment of their wishes and prayers. After a short break, the Ancestors Blessing Ceremony and Spirit World and Physical World Blessing took place. The atmosphere was so heavenly and solemn as the participants, garbed in their holy robes, attended the blessing ceremony with God and True Parents and their ancestors in the spirit world.

A short entertainment followed to the delight of all brothers and sisters. The entertainment jumpstarted with a very powerful performance from select practitioners of Tongil Moo Do and followed by dance presentations from CARP and IPLC members. One second generation sister also offered a beautiful song and followed by a chorus made up of around 70 Second generation members who sang an original song composition based from True Father’s poem, Crown of Glory. The celebration concluded with a surprise song number from Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Rev. Julius Malicdem and Archbishop Elias Soria where they sang a song full of determination and conviction to realize Cheon Il Guk through the song entitled, “Exodus”. Then everyone joined the group together with Rev. Lee, Rev. Chung and Mr. Moon from Cheongpyeong in the singing of “Saranghae”.

Once again, the Cheongpyeong Tour in the Philippines brought the Philippine nation to a higher spiritual level. Brothers and sisters gained more hope and encouragement to continue the task of offering the Philippines to our True Parents. Before the tour was over, inspirations came to hold the event once again in 2018 with 21,000 members to gather. After the tour, members left the venue with renewed spirits and transformed hearts and are now, more ready and determined to work harder than ever before for the advancement of the Providence and for the nation of the Philippines to become a nation of Cheon Il Guk.

Below are some excerpts from reflections of participants:

  • “The first couple of days was amazing but the last day was life changing.That morning during the Ancestor’s Liberation Chanyang Yeoksa Session, it is where I felt the absolute presence of our Heavenly Parent. I was driven to countless tears and I felt nothing but God’s infinite love that embraces my soul. As our main vocalist shouted Aboji! Eomoni! MANSEI! At the peak of his voice, I felt God’s Grace and it is when I realize that God isn’t someone you can see but God is the love felt by your body and soul. You came to know that you see God when you felt his infinite love… God really move in mysterious ways. It’s a miracle that he may not bring me and my friends to Cheong Pyeong but He did brought Cheong Pyeong to us, that is how strong the love of our parent is, he will do everything to fulfill his promise because that is how he came to love all of us. That is how I came to love and believe in God’s grace even more.” (Charles, 2nd Generation member)
  • “The blessing ceremony of ancestors was a great spiritual experience for me.  I realized that it has been more than 2 years since the latest ancestors I liberated but I could not have them blessed.  I came to understand their agony because in many occasion, my right and left shoulder would always feel painful whenever I am overloaded with things to do and the pain would become so unbearable in many occasion that even a massage would not ease the pain. During the preparation of the blessing, I felt the pain on my shoulder. However, just exactly after apologizing to my ancestors for waiting too long to be blessed after the grace of liberation ceremony of ancestors, my shoulder pain suddenly disappeared and I felt so light as if I don’t have shoulder pain anymore. I realized that we should get serious in fulfilling our duty to liberate and bless our ancestors in a timely manner. Thank you True Mother your love and care for the Philippines. We will do our utmost sincerity to fulfill our heavenly duty for the nation of Cheon Il Guk!” (Dr. Agustin, 1st Generation Elder)
  • “During the ancestors liberation chanyang session, I really hit my body hard because they encouraged us to invest ourselves in clapping and singing because the more we invest and repent the more the angels can remove the evil spirits in our bodies. After chanyang session,  I felt very light and I had the feeling that my evil spirits really got away from my body. Then we prayed for our ancestors, and it’s my first time to cry really hard during my prayer and my tears really came down because of mixed emotions. My heart was filled with gratitude and I’m really grateful and thankful for our Heavenly Parents and True Parents that they give me so much blessings in this workshop. Thank you very much.” (Philson, 2nd Generation member)
  • “This is such a very great blessing to our country thinking that we have an urgent need of strong heartistic connection to our beloved True Mother. I am so emotional thinking of how serious our True Mother is to embrace all of us urging us to quickly change and feel their longing heart to have a heavenly nation. This 3-day event is once more a testimony to how much Heavenly Parent and True Parents love this country. In spite of the political crisis and armed conflict that are disturbing our nation, brothers and sisters from all over the country came to support and receive  the amazing  grace from Cheongpyeong. It was truly a Cheongpyeong invasion where the love and spirit is just a perfect replica of the original. That’s why Rev. Myong Kwan Lee mentioned that this is Cheongpyeong of the Philippines. The spirit of Cheongpyeong is overwhelming and liberating especially during the chanyang sessions where I felt the spirits were being yanked from our bodies. Also through the lectures, I felt the urgency and commitment and repentance.” (Dulce, 1st Generation Elder)
  • “I know are ancestors have been waiting for their liberation. It might be a relief for them especially now that they may be able to get closer to God and meet True Parents. I’m really thankful for this chance because at last, they were able to understand the truth and know the principle. Heavenly Parent is really a loving parent. I sometimes just can’t stop crying because of such opportunity. After all the things we and our ancestors do against Him, no matter how many times we have hurt His heart, He is still there, guiding us, giving us nonstop forgiveness, and wanting us to lead in His direction, trying to claim us as His original children. While we were given the chance to talk to our ancestors, I just can see brightness surrounding me. It was amazing knowing that my eyes were closed but I can literally see this light striking so brightly around me. It was a very inspiring experience… this blessing has given me a great impact and now I’m more determined and committed to help Heavenly Parents fulfill His dream, to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Thank you so much for such grace we have received. I will really treasure this kind of experience, improve my life of faith and would liberate more ancestors as well. Thank you once again!” (Rina, 2nd generation member)
  • “For the past 3 days, when I do the clapping, I truly felt all the good spirits and good angels are in my hands ready to extract all those evil spirits in my  body. My right and left hands just moved where I always felt pain in my body and just concentrated and focused on that part. And because there were many HTM blessed couples are joining the first time the ancestors liberation, many of them were so much grateful. Some of them too have spiritual experienced seeing True Father in a vision. My moving experience was during the Ancestors liberations and Ancestors Blessing and the offering of the wish papers. During the ancestors’ liberation, I strongly felt that my ancestors are really on my right side. And during the Ancestors Blessing during the holy wine ceremony, I felt so strongly that they really drank the holy wine for I felt that my left hand became heavy like someone touched it. And when we said goodbye to them, I saw many very bright lights.  During the Prayer wish, too, I cried and shed tears a lot like a daughter crying and wishing to our Heavenly Parents that all blessed couples can fulfill their HTM mission and can support True Parents Vision 2020!”  (Shirley, 1st generation elder member)
  • “As a Blessed Child, it is very important to always have a pure mind, pure heart, and pure body which is why these kinds of special events should be taken seriously and sincerely. One of the reasons why go through a lot of temptations and struggles is because there are always a lot of evil spirits who wants us to fail and suffer under Satan. That is why this special grace is also done in order for the absolute good spirits to protect us more from evil. Moreover, I truly felt the heart of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents on how much they really want to protect us, blessed children. They really invest so much for us because we are their hope. Because of all their love that they give out to us, I want to give back all the love through working hard in school and also working hard in the frontline so that HP and TP won’t have to worry about me, instead, I will comfort their hearts. I’ll say this again and for a million times more, thank you so much God and True Parents, I LOVE YOU! Kamsahamnida and Saranghaeyo!” (Wonjoo, 2nd Generation member)

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