With the Young People in Congo

by Achille Mouanda, FFWPU Congo

On Friday, April 21, 2017, president of FFWPU Congo, gave a lecture about God, His Will and His Environment has to a group of young students.

On Saturday morning April 22, 2017, we held a one-day seminar for CARP students in Brazzaville with 16 participants. This seminar was aimed at strengthening the students’ abilities in understanding the Shimjung and formula course by our True Parents.

The Seminar began with a presentation by Mrs. Pwati Carroline, who taught fundraising and shared her experiences as a former CARP member.

Then the Secretary General of the CARP Congo, Mr. Achille Mouanda read the memo that the Regional Director of Youth and Student which was sent on April 19, requesting the organization of the fundraising teams, one of the conditions to participate in the GTGy.

We created 4 teams and some Ginseng products that we have, were given to the leaders of each Team. Then Rev. Norbert Ndielle president of FFWPU Congo, explained about creating a transformation to a culture of the heart. He also explained about the fundamental aspect of always putting the culture of the heart before thinking about the structure. He insisted on the right of an owner as a student to take creative initiatives centered on the Shimjung.

The seminar ended with a family photo with the two speakers.

A Special Gathering

On the evening of Saturday, April 22, we had an educational evening for 1st and 2nd Generation children of 16 years and more. 19 participants joined us in this special event.

It was a special evening and the children began with Hoon Dok Hae from Cheon Seong Gyeong. We read from the book 4, Chapter 2 where it is talking about “Our Share of Responsibility and Fall”.

This was followed by exchanges and debates based on the Divine Principle content.

The children offered prayers and expressed their devotion and commitment to supporting True Parents by becoming True Children.

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