With Ambassadors for Peace In Brazil

Prepared by UPF Brazil

We held our third meeting for Ambassadors for Peace at the Faculty of the Town of Palhoça (FMP) – SC, Brazil on April 20, 2017, with 570 participants.

The VIPs among our participants were:

  • Dr Carlos Civinski, Judge of the State of Santa Catarina;
  • Caslido Maldamer, former Senator of the State of Santa Catarina;
  • Congressman (SC) Mario Marcondes;
  • State Legislator, Dirce Heidersheidert;
  • Lieutenant of the Aeronautics (SC) Eduardo Lemos;
  • Colonel of the Military Police (SC) Mr. Carlos Alberto Araujo Gomes;
  • Lieutenant Colonel, of the Military Police of Palhoça, Mr. Paulo Sergio de Souza;
  • Priest José Manuel dos Santos, President of Orionópolis Catarinense (NGO);
  • Secretary of Tourism Adriano Matos, representing the Mayor of Palhoça;
  • City legislator, João Carlos Amandio Primer, Ambassador of Peace and collaborator of UPF and the Walk for Peace;
  • Journalist of TV RBS affiliated to Rede Globo, Mario Mota Filho;
  • Luciane Negreiros, representative of the Rector of the Municipal Faculty of Palhoça, who is ambassador of Peace.

During the event 65 new Ambassadors of Peace were appointed. Also the entire event was recorded by the “Bandeirantes de Santa Catarina” TV channel.

All the participants were impressed by the spirit of the event and the presence of high-level authorities.

On April 21, 2017 we held the 9th Walk for Peace which took place in the Guarda Ward of the Cubatão of the city of Palhoça with the participation of 400 people, including the Antonieta Silveira de Souza Basic School of the Cubatão Guard.

Among our participants we had some VIPs such as: Lieutenant of the Aeronautics, Eduardo Lemos; Secretariat of Education of Palhoça, Shirley Nobre Scharf, and three newly appointed peace ambassadors.

At the end of the walk, we had awarded ceremony for the students who participated at Writing Contest. The theme for the contest was: “Peace, Harmony and Human Development.”

On April 23, 2017 we held the first Peace Cup Tournament (Football) at the Atlantic Club in the Barra do Aririu, neighborhood in Palhoça.

4 soccer teams participated in this tournament: two teams formed by Haitian immigrants, a soccer team from the São Tomé district and a team from CARP Brazil.

The Haitian teams were the 1st and 2nd place winners, the Barra Aririu Community Council team won the 3rd place.

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