Visit of Special Emissaries to Italy and San Marino


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

From April 1st to 12th, Rev. Pak and Mrs. Dr. Moon, travelled to Padova, San Marino and Rome, to visit the local Unification communities.

Carrying on their most beautiful and important mission to testify about True Parents love, they could inspire all members and share their wisdom, hopes and commitment with them.

They were particularly appreciated for their positive spirit and care, expressed in many ways, including offering a pizza party and spending open sharing time with everybody.

In her speech, Mrs. Moon testified about the early times of our church, the development of the providence centered on WFWP and finally about the heart of True Mother nowadays, especially the effort she is making to raise the standard of the providence and give the Blessing to all mankind. She testified also of the 57th anniversary of True Parents’ Holy wedding and how much True Mother is encouraging everybody to keep advancing in the direction of the CIG. Rev. Pak started by speaking about the year of the red rooster, as the time to announce True Parents to the world. He reported True Mother’s words at the beginning of the year, announcing the age of the fulfillment of God and True Parents’ dreams. Now we are in the providential stage of the restoration of the nation and we have to focus on it, by spreading the Blessing. Tribal messiahs have a central role, especially establishing the CIG already in their family and community life and serving their spiritual children to give them Blessing and new life. Then he spoke about the importance of IAPP for the nowadays providence. Finally, He spoke about the crucial role of young people, that should develop the same commitment of their parents and take the ownership on the providential work, aligned with True Parents.

On Monday evening, they could participate in the monthly dinner organized by me and my wife for our guests and share some testimony about their special mission. Everybody was delighted with their spirit and positive vision and they gave a good contribution to the success of our mission as tribal messiah.

We could have some moment of wonderful sightseeing, especially in Pompei and it was a time of sharing more and more about deep feelings, concerns, hopes and commitment in this time of building a new world together. By visiting Rome and Pompei, we could once again realize how much God worked in the history to prepare for the time of final salvation of mankind, through much suffering, indemnity and pain. Now the time has come and should realize it fully, since we are called to be in the mainstream of the providential work.

For myself and my wife, was an honor and a great pleasure to have had the chance to host them in our home and share so much internal content and living few days together. At the end of the day, building the CIG starts with a life of deep sharing, with no barriers among us, centered on the deep desire to fulfill the dream of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We are grateful to God that recently is supporting us in many ways, not only opening the way for successful activities, but also sending us such wonderful brothers and sisters, as recently happened with Pres. Jack Corley, Peter Staudinger and now Rev. and Mrs Pak, to make us feel that we are one only unification family. Furthermore, we just finished the STF parents’ WS in Colle Mattia and so we received another huge spiritual contribution from it, with more than 100 people, young STF members and their parents, coming here to pray together, share wonderful time and especially show their heart to each other. So much joy and hope!

From all this I understand that God loves Italy and He is asking us to go ahead because Italy is a place that can give hope to Europe and I’m fully excited about it and totally grateful to Heaven. Thank you!

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