Visit of Special Emissaries to Andorra


By Chatiboot Babi, FFWPU Andora

On the 21st April, Andorra could receive True Parents’ Representatives, Special Emissaries, Dr. No Hi Pak & Dr. Lan Young Moon.

The next day, 22nd in the morning in our church center, Dr. Pak, Dr. Moon and National leaders’ couple, Lluis Babi and Chatiboot could meet Mrs. Silvia Bonet Perot, a member of the Parliament and she is the Andorran delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. She was very friendly and warm. Dr. Pak was inviting her to attend the next IAPP Conference maybe next year and we had a good talk for one hour; she was very interested in IAPP and our works.

In the afternoon, we could visit Casa De La Vall, the historical Andorra’s Parliament, where it is kept as the museum and opened to use for the meeting of the members of the Parliament only in the important days of the year.

In the evening, there was a meeting with members. Dr. Moon gave an incredible testimony of her life attending True Parents and Dr. Pak gave the message from our True Mother to remember and fulfil the 3 points:

  1. The need to fulfill our responsibility as Tribal Messiah
  2. Making environments for the witnessing.
  3. To educate the 2nd Generations-youth as they are the future of our movement.

After that they treated us with a dinner together; we shared together the life & unique story of each members. They also shared many things, which we could really learn and appreciate elder members who are attending True Parents faithfully for such a long time. We also had a very good time with lots of laughs and songs, which we felt we were like a very close family even though we had just met because we have the same True Parents.

The next day they could visit the northern part of the country, the ski resort etc and experienced the Thermal Spa.

On Monday, the 24th in the morning, Dr. Pak, Dr. Moon and National leaders’ couple, Lluis Babi and Chatiboot were welcomed by the Vice President of the Andorran Parliament, Mrs. Monica Bonell Tuset, she represented the President of the Parliament because he had to go to Paris to meet the French President who is the Co-Prince of Andorra. She introduced to us the organization of IAP and she gave us a tour to see the new Andorra’s Parliament.

In the afternoon, we met the President of the Liberal Party, Mr. Josep Pintat Forné and another member of his party, Mrs. Carine Montane Raynaud. They could receive well the message of Dr. Pak & Dr. Moon. We also invited them for the next IAPP.

In the evening, they could visit the Andorran’s National Church and Ordino Northern Village.

All members are so grateful for the visit of Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon as representatives of true Mother to convey the heart and love from True Mother. We really felt so much love from True Mother and from both of them. Everyone was very inspired and received so much strength. Thank you very much, True Mother, for sending us Dr. Pak and Dr. Moon, such a lovely elder couple, an example of the faithful son and daughter of our True Parents.

It is very precious that we are living in the most important time in the human history where True Mother is still living with us and we can work together with her to establish Cheon Il Guk.

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