USA: WFWP Chapter Hosts Mini-Convention for Anniversary


Prepared by WFWP USA

To help us celebrate our 25th anniversary in Los Angeles, Angelika Selle, national president of Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), brought us an update of the direction WFWP is taking.

During the first session, Angelika introduced our founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and their vision for WFWP. She gave a brief history of our accomplishments. Many guests were surprised to hear about the 1600 missionaries that were sent from Japan to 172 countries in order to establish service projects. Many of those projects still exist, including the seven schools in Africa.

Angelika made a point of thanking all the Japanese guests in the room, one of whom was a missionary, herself. She also honored Sheri Rueter for her 25 years of dedication.

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon coined the phrase of “Living by the Logic of Love,” which will remain our motto for all time, and we got a taste during the mini-convention of what that really means.

After the break we were treated to a beautiful rap, which Tene Kishan specifically wrote for this occasion. Tene is a rising star who also has a mentoring program in the schools of Los Angeles.

The second session was entitled “The Qualities of a Peace Leader.” Angelika pointed out that we already have the qualities required to be a leader for positive change inside of us. We just need to bring them to the forefront. To this end, WFWP is creating programs focusing on individual development as a leader, leadership in relationships, and leadership in society and organizations, impacting from the local level to the global.

The information was very thought-provoking and several participants requested to receive a transcript of her talk.

The next portion of the event took place in the garden. We had a delicious lunch catered by the Kazakos Gourmet Team. We were entertained by David Longoria, a world-renowned trumpeter, song-writer, and producer.

Sheri Rueter introduced the Bridge of Peace ceremony. She told us its history and mused about having to build and break down the bridge, sometimes twice a day, for the hundreds of events WFWP produced over the years. Many of the participants were new to this special ceremony. Sheri encouraged all to participate with an open heart and to commit to building a lasting friendship with their new sister in peace building. It was heartwarming to see the pairs cross the bridge, bow to each other, exchange a flower, and then embrace in friendship. Some requested to cross with a particular individual, but most pairs formed seemingly at random.

The afternoon closed gradually and comfortably, as many participants got to know each other and made arrangements for future contacts.

Several guests were so inspired by the work of WFWP that they became members that day.

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    Congratulations WfWp~USA!!!..Happy Anniversary!

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