USA: Tribal Messiahship Blessing Ceremonies

Prepared by FFWPU USA


Revival and Blessing Ceremony Among Native Americans of Oklahomaby Reiko Jenkins

A small group representing FFWPU and American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) had an unforgettable experience meeting and giving the Holy Marriage Blessing to Native Americans in Oklahoma during a five-day visit.

The members of this group were Rev. Marilyn Kotulek, the ACLC-Oklahoma co-chair; Rev. Jun Orikasa, the FFWPU-Oklahoma state leader; Rev. John Ngoran, the executive director of ACLC-Oklahoma; and Minister Reiko Jenkins, the co-chair of ACLC Women in Ministry. From April 19 to April 21, 2017, they visited the extended family of Rev. George Akeen, one of the chiefs of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribe.

Rev. Akeen has visited Israel a few times with the Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) and has met True Parents many times. He is also a co-chair of ACLC-Oklahoma.

We had told Rev. Akeen that we wanted to visit his family members to give them the Holy Marriage Blessing and pray for them. He took this to heart and called many members of his family to come meet us. He was very happy to introduce us to all his family. More than 40 couples received the Holy Marriage Blessing through this special week and the previous powwow.

It was very special that I could stay at Rev. Kotulek’s home in Oklahoma City during this visit and meet her husband, who was recovering from open-heart surgery, her daughter, Lindsey, and granddaughter, Kayla. Rev. Kotulek has always taken loving care of me and all Women in Ministry guests during our visits. Last year she gave the Holy Marriage Blessing to her family at her granddaughter’s wedding. Read More


Tampa, Florida Shares the Marriage Blessing with Assi & Muyen by Rev. Gary Chidester

It is indeed a glorious occasion as our first couple of 2017 was received the Marriage Blessing on April 22, 2017. Assi and Muyen Tifuh, originally from Cameroun in Africa, have been residing in Florida and attending University in Florida. They have longed for the Holy Blessing for years, and now they have their dream come true!

We have held other Blessing Ceremonies of couples this year in Florida by just giving the Holy Wine, but this is the first couple to receive the Holy Blessing with the Holy Water, vows, ring exchange, the Chastening Ceremony, and 40-day Separation. They were able to drive two hours to Tampa, Florida where I could meet them and conduct the ceremony along with my wife. It was a most wondrous occasion! I feel it is a great blessing for District 5 as well as America.

According to local Unificationist Mihoko Gonzales, upon returning to their local community the couple was “so humble, appreciative, and happy for this Blessing.”

Clifton, New Jersey Shares the Marriage Blessingby Atsushi Akino

My tribal messiahship trinity group held a Marriage Blessing Ceremony on March 25, 2017. For ten years, our family used our family church as a base to witness by connecting more deeply with other Blessed Families, inviting guests, and holding study sessions. In the midst of that, last year, we believed that we could reach the goal of tribal messiahship through this trinity.

Last July, after participating the We Can Do It workshop, we resolved to make sharing the Marriage Blessing our ultimate goal. However, since this resolution, no Blessing Ceremonies took place within the year. And so, we discussed among ourselves what to do in the beginning of 2017.

We came to the conclusion that we must first invite our guests who were participating in our family church with us. From then on, we put our efforts in teaching our trinity members’ parents, who were from Nepal, the Divine Principle in six major sections.

On March 25, 2017, we held a successful Blessing Ceremony for these parents. It was our first time leading a Blessing Ceremony. Clifton Family Church Pastor, Manoj Jacob, and his wife, as well as members of the Clifton Family Church, helped to make it special.

Columbia, South Carolina Shares the Marriage Blessingby Rev. Randall Reeves

On Saturday, April 15, seven couples received the Holy Wine along with three single individuals at a local minister’s church. The participants also included single individuals who made commitments to purity, all of who were either pastors or youth pastors.

Elizabeth, New Jersey Shares the Marriage Blessingby EJ Rapada

We recently shared the Holy Wine and Blessing Ceremony with two couples in a local Marriage Blessing Ceremony: Walter and Ellie Wysocki, who are Filipino-American, and Liza and Aniwan Camacho, a Latino couple.

Initially, six couples confirmed to attend the Blessing Ceremony, but only one couple, Walter and Ellie Wysocki, could actually make it. The day of the Blessing Ceremony, the ministry team and clan parents were talking and discussing the best strategy to take the next time around. Then, EJ and Christine Rapada, inspired by the recent Famicon in Las Vegas, came up with a last-minute campaign mode. They set up a table in front of the church and invited people passing by to join the Marriage Movement.

Unificationists Miller and Nancy Williams also acted on the inspiration and decided to go out on the street and invite people while waiting for the other couple to arrive. After two failed attempts, they met one couple, the Camachos, and explained the purpose of the event. The Camachos were very open-minded, and agreed to go inside the church and listen to the orientation. At the same time, the other couple arrived.

After the Blessing Ceremony orientation, a beautiful ceremony was officiated by Pastor Darryl and Sara Franklin. The ceremony ended with fellowship and celebration.

Richmond, Virginia Shares the Marriage Blessing at the Imani Templeby Rev. Bayo Adrien

A Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing Ceremony were held on Sunday, May 26, after regular weekly Sunday 10:30am Temple Mass at the African American Catholic Congregation (AACC) Imani Temple of the Capital Region, 2420 Brooks Drive Suitland MD 20746.

Presided over and officiated by AACC founder and ACLC Co-Chairman, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr., it was a liberating and empowering ceremony that saw 17 representative couples stand and receive the Marriage Blessing.

This Blessing Ceremony was very special to the Imani Temple family and church community as a whole, as it was held on a day designated as ‘Black Marriage Day’ and on the heels of, and the culmination of, the Imani Temple’s men’s retreat held that weekend from Friday evening to Sunday morning.

With the restoration of community centered on the Marriage Blessing and true family values in mind, the husbands and wives of the AACC Imani Temple came together to joyfully lead the rededication of their lives to God’s Heavenly standard as couples.

Archbishop Stallings led the representative couples forward to the altar, where he conducted a very moving ceremony as he reiterated with emphasis the change of lineage that takes place with the revolutionary power of True Parents’ love when we partake in the Holy Wine Ceremony and live out the vows of the Marriage Blessing. Read More

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