USA: National Council 2017 Kick-Off Meeting

by Mari Curry, FFWPU USA National Council President


The 2017 National Council just completed their annual kick-off meeting from March 31- April 2 in New York, where they welcomed new members of the team and discussed how to better serve and represent the nationwide community.

The meeting started off with a heartfelt discussion with FFWPU North America Continental Chairman, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, who got to know each of the National Council members, shared a message, and answered questions. Dr. Kim reminded the group of the responsibilities True Mother gave America, notably filial piety to True Parents, and taking care of our brothers and sisters. He also talked about the importance of supporting tribal messiahship among our nationwide family, as well as modeling determination for outreach for others.

On Sunday, April 2, the National Council attended Sunday Service at the Family Church of New York City, where FFWPU USA President, Dr. Michael Balcomb, gave a message and introduced the council on stage.

Another outcome of the meeting was electing a new executive team. We are excited to announce our new chair, Mr. Alan Jessen, the vice chair, Ms. Sarah Oben, and our new secretary, Rev. Terry Yamanae.

The council also discussed concerns from the field, how local councils were functioning, reviewed the National Council since its outset, and made some key changes to help in the National Council’s effectiveness. This year the council is pursuing significant changes, including the formation of four new Recommendations Committees: Witnessing and Tribal Messiahship, Youth, Blessed Family and Member Care, and Communications. These committees relate directly with the FFWPU USA headquarters team to build better communication and collaboration.

The National Council 2017 kickoff meeting was a time of looking back in order to move forward. After much reflection, assessment, and planning, the council is ready to make a substantial offering in 2017 and discover what communities most need at this time. To see the full notes of this meeting or to view the National charter, go to You can find your local representative by visiting

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