Germany: God is Parent to Mankind

The theologian, Catholic priest and Ambassador for Peace, Heinz Krcek speaks in Hamburg on: God’s Way to mankind.


Prepared by UPF Germany, March 4, 2017

The best pre-requisite for world peace in our time is the understanding that we are a global family. Therefore, the Hamburg branch of UPF invited the highly-qualified speaker and peace activist Heinz Krcek from Austria to speak in the far north about the theoretical foundations for peace.

A short review of the background of our speaker reveals his connection with this topic. Heinrich (Heinz) Krcek, was born in 1938, and grew up in Vienna in a Catholic family. He attended a humanist high school, and after his leaving examinations initially studied for four semesters electrical engineering. He then entered a Benedictine monastery and completed a study of theology at the religious university in Beuron on the Danube, in Germany. In 1964, he was ordained as a priest, following which he worked for fourteen years in education and later as a boarding school director, while also carrying out duties as a pastor and editor. For ten years, Heinz was state pastor for a Catholic student society.

In 1976, he encountered the ideas of the Unification movement through the mother of one of his students, and in 1982 he left the monastery to invest himself in the international activities of the Unification movement. Since then he has supported this movement by giving seminars and presentations. In 2013, his small book: ‘Which Way, Please to Paradise?’ was published by the Kando publishing company. He has been married since 1982, has two daughters, and lives with his wife in Lower Austria.

He began his presentation in Hamburg with the words:’ all religions have tried to catch a glimpse of God, to become closer to Him and to get to know Him. They have tried to find the way back to Him, a way which from which we have somehow deviated. First this happened in a very primitive way with animism, in natural religions. ‘However’, he continued, ‘could not man also ask the question: Is it only therefore possible that man is looking for God, because God has always been looking for man?’ He explained that in the 1930s, the Swiss theologian Emil Brunner wrote; ‘God’s real words are to be found right at the beginning of the Old Testament. It concerns the blessing that he gave to Adam and Eve. And everything subsequent is the sometimes more, sometimes less, successful story about God’s attempts to realize these blessing with mankind.’ Then followed an account of the Old Testament up to the appearance of Jesus about two thousand years ago, when God made it clear to man that reconciliation must be attempted through loving. As in the example of the patriarch Abraham’s grandsons, Jacob and Esau, who embraced each other after years of hatred, so Jesus asks his Heavenly Father to forgive those who rejected him and sent him to the cross. This is God’s message to us: to do all in our power to practice peace and reconciliation in our world and to reach out to each other. ‘Since not one of us can claim not to have had parents, and neither can our ancestors, we can then conclude that also the first humans had parents, and that was God’, explained Mr. Krcek.

Ambassadors of Peace had travelled from Berlin to have a discussion and exchange about this topic of peace. After the presentation, there was an intense and lively exchange of ideas about the possibility of cooperation between different local German UPF groups.

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