UK: Universal Peace Federation Weekend Seminar


By Martine Masner

Cleeve House, United Kingdom, 5. – 7. May 2017


The workshop (From May 5 to 7, 2017) was an inspirational and harmonious weekend shared with like-minded people mainly from Birmingham and London.

The concluding testimonies were profoundly moving as Ambassadors for Peace expressed their desire to work with UPF and WFWP to fulfil their and God’s dreams.

Raina Nazir: Professional water treatment engineer who works in a Nuclear Power Station and is a social leader of Kashmiri women working for human rights, peace and reconciliation.

She said, “I have never seen such loving and lovely people so helpful and embracing all in one place! Every section of the principle is both internal and presenting so much about our spiritual nature about relationship between God and humanity. I was so impressed with Tim Miller’s ability to be clear and yet to reach the heart! It was a joy to listen to. What really captured my heart was the life and works of Rev Moon and Mrs Moon.

What amazing determination and perseverance to give one’s life for peace. How they could reconcile with the enemy? Father Moon was truly exemplary! I couldn’t hold my tears for the suffering Father Moon went through ….”

Dr. Peter Rookes: Chair of Birmingham Council of Faiths, scouting leader from a faith based international development career:

“I always knew about the good work of David and Patricia Earle in Birmingham. My wife always attended the WFWP monthly peace meetings. I was aware it had something to do with Unification Church, which through this weekend, I realised I was much misinformed. Through this UPF weekend I found out amazing works of UPF and the life and works of Rev Sun Myung Moon which has left me speechless! I am so very happy and grateful that I could attend this weekend and met all the UPF staff who are so dedicated and also all of you like minded participants. You, Ambassadors for Peace and UPF/WFWP give me hope of seeing a better world!

Rosa Fedinando: Peace activist and human rights campaigner from South Sudan

“Coming here was one of the best decisions of my life. I have met so many great people and the lecturers were great. The content was so very profound. For the first time I feel there is yet hope for my suffering country of South Sudan. Rev Moon has suffered a lot in his life for world peace so we can also do our part.”

Hannah Lynch (Age 22) Special Needs Assistant in a Secondary School

“I have always asked, ‘What is my destiny? Can I fulfil it? Who shall I turn for guidance? How will I fulfil it?’ Through this weekend, I found my purpose in the UPF family who could guide me. With their assistance and those of the AFP here, I am sure I can fulfil my responsibility.”

Mr Bakshish Mann: Retired businessman He was highly inspired by UPF and True Parent’s life and works. He sees his wonderful wife Hajinder, as a partner in this. (Hajinder is more active in WFWP in Birmingham). Bakshish wonders how he could help to push the providence forward. He feels we can succeed if we follow UPF principles. He wants to meet and discuss strategy. He was highly inspired by UPF and Father and Mother Moon’s life and works.

Brenda Hodgson: “I have been an Ambassador for Peace for many years attending WFWP and UPF activities. This is not my first workshop but I always come back to be refreshed. What impressed me this time was even though I thought I knew all the basic UPF principles I was touched to the core of my heart by Father Moon’s life was amazing testimony of faith and courage. The whole weekend was magic. Every person brought so much into the mix. God bless UPF and bless you all!”

Ashma Ambu (age 24) Aerospace, Engineer Student in Bristol University

She so highly inspired with the work of UPF that she has volunteered to start a UPF Interfaith Society at her University with our help and that of Ambassadors for Peace in Bristol. She feels inspired and confident to succeed.

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