True Mother Speaks at the Korean National Pastors Assembly

Korean National Pastors Assembly for the Victory of the Fifth Year of Cheon Il Guk

True Parents’ Message

March 29, 2017, Cheongpyeong

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Sit down. I feel relieved after hearing you recite your oaths filled with such determination. If what I will say today had a topic it would be “Heaven’s providence seen through the history of human civilization and our responsibility today”.

God created the heavens, earth, and all things. He then created Adam and Eve and said that it was good. Especially through Adam and Eve, God had a dream. However, the result was that through the Fall, God’s dream could not be accomplished. The omniscient and omnipotent God must be consistent from beginning to end. There can be no such thing as failure. Yet, in accordance with the principle of creation, God had hoped to unite with humankind and accomplish his will. Due to that principle, God had no choice but to become a lonely God and go through a miserable course of waiting, filled with sorrow—the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity.

From among those in the fallen world, God chose a people who (relatively speaking) were closest to God—the Israelites. It took four thousand years, beginning from the individual, through the family and the tribe, to create, finally, a foundation for a people. In the case of America, it took more than two hundred years to establish a nation. In contrast, how difficult must the providence of restoration through indemnity have been that it took the long period of four thousand years to establish the Israelites? In that process, through Mary, God sent Jesus Christ whom he could call “my son.” My son! At that time, many people were in the satanic world, but only one son! There must have been a purpose for sending his son. Mary and others surrounding him should have created an environment for Jesus. They were responsible to create the environment through which Jesus could accomplish his purpose. As it happened, Mary could not fulfill her responsibility. Mary should not have had a family while Jesus was alone. This was an unfortunate circumstance filled with sorrow.

Jesus alone was unable to complete and achieve God’s will. He had no choice but to take a path under circumstances in which he had lost everything. The environment became one in which he had no choice but to go the way of the cross. Therefore, in the end, Jesus said, “I will return!” He would return and hold the marriage banquet of the Lamb. Those words meant that if Mary had fulfilled her responsibility at that time and Jesus had met the only daughter of God, despite the failure of the first Adam and Eve, they would have been able to achieve God’s dream as the True Parents. At that time, Israel was a part of a great empire, the Roman Empire, of which it was said “all roads lead to Rome.” If Jesus had achieved the status of True Parents, of course, they would have absorbed Rome. At that time, they would have already accomplished Heaven’s providence, Heavenly Parent’s dream. In fact, though, humankind made this great and sorrowful history.

Meanwhile, over a period of 300 years, Christianity went through the work of the Holy Spirit and the resurrection through the Holy Spirit. Then, centered on the Italian Peninsula and the Island of Great Britain in Europe, Heaven was once again able to have a dream, the age of the Atlantic civilization. The British military had a saying, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” That meant that one nation centered on the Iberian Peninsula and then Britain seized the world. That was how Christianity was spread, but those who did not know God’s deep wish could not practice true love. Because they did not know anything. They attempted to rule through pure human greed, so they reached their limit. Therefore, in conclusion, the ideology of thinking of the benefit of your own nation stayed. At that time, the Atlantic civilization, centered in Europe, ushered in modern civilization.

Lives of faith continued but because they moved according to human thinking, without a center, many mistakes occurred. How could Communism come and say “God is dead” from within the Christian sphere? That one phrase meant that humankind was wrong. Christianity–Catholics, Protestants–all the people following those religions, more than thinking of God’s wishes, were greedy and thinking of themselves. There is nothing in their teachings to explain why they were living and why their environment was so depressing.

“If you believe, you will go to heaven” comforted them. They lived with that hope. Those with deep faith felt dissatisfaction over having to follow one person. “Under a monarchy,” they said, “we can no longer have freedom of religion” so they emigrated. The nation that they moved to developed into the representative democratic nation, the United States. In this way, Heaven guided those people to create an environment for the returning Messiah, who must come again. Those people then had to go forward aligned with Heaven’s will. A song I like listening to recently has the lyrics, “I threw away one thing, my greed, and flowers of happiness blossomed”. This greed is a problem.

Already, the Atlantic civilization has begun to wilt, and in the 21st century, centered in Asia, the age of the Pacific civilization has begun. Korea is at the center of it. This is not something we can just feel pleased about. You have responsibilities. Christians, who two thousand years ago could not find the only daughter of God, do not know they have to follow the way of a new providence. In order to find and give birth to the only daughter of God, Heaven found the Han tribe and began to conduct providential work. Looking at history, Christianity has not been in Korea for long. Has it been a little more than a hundred years? In those days, Christians were waiting for the Messiah to come down from heaven riding on a cloud.

Meanwhile, one holy, Christian group, centered in Pyongyang waited for the Messiah to come in the flesh. Only through the Messiah in the flesh can the marriage supper of the Lamb take place. That was the historical time of the providence of restoration through indemnity to find the only daughter of God, not found two thousand years ago. Therefore, for the first time in six thousand years, I, the only daughter of God was born in 1943. This is undeniable. It has been six thousand years. Though I had parents who gave birth to me, I was raised knowing God as my father. My grandmother and Dae-mo nim both acknowledged this. God is my father! Among all humankind, I alone was born knowing God as my father. Two thousand years ago with Jesus Christ…

What happened? Korea was liberated in 1945. At the time of liberation, they were divided, North and South—democracy and communism. At that time, I was in the north. No intellectuals or youth wanted to become communists so they all moved south. Dae-mo nim, on the other hand, had a steadfast faith in the work of spirit world. [Spiritual phenomena was taking place] in the north. Despite this, Heaven could not have me stay in North Korea and risk losing the only daughter of God, found after six thousand years.

So through my uncle, Heaven made it so that we had no choice but to go to south. My uncle had been studying pharmacology at Waseda University. After graduating, he should have returned to his hometown, but we received news that he had joined the army in South Korea. The line of division had already been decided as the 38th parallel, and it was guarded tightly. As it turned out, three females and a guide crossed over in the night. The Korean War began two years later. Father had been in South Korea. Why had Heaven told him to go north? You must understand this. Adam and Eve went through the growth stages and had responsibilities. Father, who received the mission as the returning Lord had to fulfill his responsibilities, which meant going through the restoration through indemnity Jesus had not completed and establishing the truth Jesus had not implanted. Father had to accomplish those responsibilities! He would then meet the only daughter of God and through her completing the Holy Wedding with the only son of God, they would become the True Parents. Do you understand?

How much of this great truth can you understand and feel? You must not be controlled by circumstances. Heaven’s providence… Now centered on the Korean Peninsula, where Heaven’s providence gave birth to True Parents, we will raise Japan, the surrounding nations in Asia will unite, and we will have to move towards creating an environment for North Korea to unite with South Korea.

Right now, this nation has no owner. In the past, too, it was like that. No matter who ends up in charge, if that person is unaware of Heaven’s providence, it will not end well. That is why I strongly said, “Boast of True Parents! Make everyone aware of True Parents!” Are you doing that? That is the only way to save this nation. Then anyone who becomes the country’s political leader will receive True Parents’ blessings. You must understand that. Did you think of this?

During the time of the former president, Park Geun Hye, many demonstrations occurred and people showed strange sides of themselves. You must keep something in mind: We must clearly understand Heaven’s providence and Heavenly Parents’ wish, True Parents’ wish. Do you understand? This cannot happen through human thought and action alone. True Parents are already one entity. Our bodies are separate but our thoughts and wishes are one. Do you understand? You must become one with me. My thoughts must become your thoughts, and your thoughts must become mine. Do you understand? On that point, you must clearly boast that you are the children of our proud True Parents. Confidently! Why is there any need to hesitate? Those people think they are so great—politicians. Tell those people, “Heavenly fortune will not work with you on what you are trying to do, but if you listen to what I say, follow, and do as I say, Heaven will work with you. At that moment, your dreams will be achieved.”

I am asking this of you. You are the central leaders of the unification movement. Isn’t that so? You must unite with True Parents 100 percent…120 percent! On that basis, no obstacles will arise in the places you go and on the paths you take. Do you understand what I am saying? Internally and externally, we need to clean up many things. Over the next three years, let us keep our heads straight. We must bear in mind that national restoration is the path of saving this people and the world. Do you understand?

In the world today, even a powerful nation cannot survive alone. China says it is a great nation and that they are trying to do well but all the results are destructive. Greed is creating anger. Because True Parents were born and True Parents’ providence progressed, none of the nations around the world that say they should live well on their own will prosper in the end. Only those nations that think, “We must live well together” will remain. Do you understand? In light of that, what resolutions do you have to make?

I will make a Cheon Il Guk genealogy center here at this training center. Cheon Il Guk! I hope that you can become proud people who can be entered in [the records]. Will you work hard to do that? Your descendants, thousands, even ten thousand generations will say “Ah! I am so proud of my ancestors. I am truly grateful and honored.” We must make the kingdom of heaven on earth, which will remain for eternity. I am making that for you now! What do you think? Do you have confidence? Are you happy? Shouldn’t you boast? You should say, “Without a doubt, I will achieve national restoration! I will accomplish national restoration! Mother, please rest!”/

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