Togo: Divine Principle Seminars


Prepared by FFWPU Togo

With the aim to prepare our people for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, we organized a public conference with the theme “True family values, the foundation of a world of peace” in the village of Todomé on May 21,2017.

We had about 60 participants including the village chief and his wife. Henyo Kokou and Dossou Agbemaple were the moderators of the event.

At the end of the seminar, participants testified that this kind of education can bring a real change in their village and accelerate their development. They expressed the wish to receive this kind of education program. That is why, we will have a meeting with the village chief to talk about a similar education program for the next time.

Also on the same day we held one day seminar at our education center in Assahoun located 54 kms from Lomé. We had 20 participants who were students, from Assahoun High School. With this experience our brother Atideke Ayi, gave the idea of opening a new chapter of YFWP in this city in order to educate the young people in this part of Togo, who can be the future leaders of our movement here in Togo.

All the participants of the workshop were inspired by the content of the lectures, and they all agreed to work with the Youth Federation for Peace in Togo.

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