Togo: Ambassador for Peace’s Seminar


Prepared By UPF Togo

On Friday, 12 May, we held a one-day seminar for our ambassadors for peace was which took place in Agbelouvé, a village some 60 km from Lomé, in the building of a community leader. This seminar was part of the national tour to revitalize the local offices of the UPF as well as our ambassadors for peace.

It was for a better understanding of the ambassadors in Agbéléouvé about the current dynamics of the providence centering on True Parents and help them to contribute to the process of national restoration and the fulfillment of the vision 2020.

We had 10 participants from Agbelouvé city. And we also had the president of FFWPU Togo, the secretary general of UPF Togo, Tchalla K. Tomguilam and a staff member of UPF Togo Mr. Henyo Kokou to lead the event.

It was an opportunity to show through a video presentation about True Parents’ works to realize peace in the world. We also had a presentation given by secretary general of UPF Togo, Tchalla K. Tomguilam and he also emphasized about the role and responsibility of peace ambassadors in the process of national restoration. In a way helping the participants to think about what has to be done. After this presentation, president of FFWPU Togo, Sassou Koussougbo spoke to the Peace Ambassadors about our responsibility on the way of national restoration.

Finally, the delegation opened a series of questions and answers which enabled the Peace Ambassadors to discuss their difficulties and better understand their responsibilities. It was a warm encounter and at the end the very determined participants committed themselves to make more efforts and organize themselves so that their activities have more social impact.

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