Togo: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop


by Lakley Yawovi Dodzi, FFWPU Togo

We organized 7-day workshop in our national center in Kégué, Lomé took place from May 9 to 15, 2017. We had 6 participants (One sister and five brothers).

The objective was to bring participants to know and understand and accept True Parents as the new beginning of the Original True Family, and engage in their own restoration process.

One of the participants said: This 7-day seminar is a seminar of clarification, understanding, education and truth about life through the divine principle… It allowed me to understand each of our acts of every day, to recognize our errors and teaches us at the same time how to correct them. It is also a way to get closer to God. It also teaches how to live in society to establish a solid relationship, sustainable and harmonious relation with the neighbors…”

And another participant said: “… We must unite to eliminate our original sins to be the true son of True Parents of humanity.”

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