True Mother’s Message at the Fourth Asia Top Gun Graduation Ceremony

True Mother spoke to the participants of the Fourth Asia Top Gun at their Graduation Ceremony on May 9, 2017, in Cheon Jeong Gung


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Sit down. Did you enjoy the hamburger? It’s the best isn’t it?

Your answer was a bit slow. You are young, so you can study. In order to become one world, one culture, and one human family, the principle is that you should live using True Parents’ language. So, should you study Korean; or should you be idle? When I see you, I think of the time when I was young. At a very young age, I made up my mind and said, “I will take responsibility for the completion of the providence.” At that time, I was alone, but you… you have many siblings. Isn’t that so? Therefore, you must help each other and gain strength.

During this time, you have heard and studied lectures and True Parents’ life courses, but God, who created all things in the universe, our Creator, the Heavenly Parent, had a dream. That dream was for God to become the True Parent of humankind through the people who could become the first human ancestors. Due to God giving human beings responsibility according to the principle of creation, Adam and Eve, who could have become humankind’s ancestors, should have accomplished that responsibility. However, in the growth stage, they fell to Satan’s temptation and developed greed. They wanted to become like God before the time was right. That was the Fall. God cannot just abandon fallen humankind and create people that could become new ancestors of humankind. God wished to become the parent through humankind in accordance with the principle of creation. That is why God had no choice but to begin the providence of restoration through indemnity. How sorrowful, lonely, and sad must that course have been?

It took four-thousand years until God’s only son, the second attempt to realize God’s dream, could be sent. It wasn’t four hundred years or forty—but four thousand years. In order to create that foundation, Heaven raised a huge Cain-type nation. That was, two thousand years ago, when God’s only son, Jesus Christ, was to come. Israel was at the level to go forward. It was not an independent nation. There was a great empire called the Roman Empire. At that time there was no one who recognized Jesus Christ, God’s only son. Mary who bore Jesus, was unaware of Heaven’s providence. She did not know why God’s only son had come. The figures around Jesus— Zachariah’s family, figures in Judaism, the Israelites—knew God even less. That is why they made decisions using human thought. The surrounding people, who should have cooperated, did not cooperate; in that situation, the environment developed into one in which Jesus could no longer proceed with the providence alone. Jesus had no choice but to go the way of the cross. As he died, he said he would return—he would return and hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. The central figures should have been aware of this then. If God’s only son had been born, God’s only daughter had to be found. Heaven would have prepared that, too. However, those that should have taken responsibility could not take responsibility. Due to that, what happened to the people and nation of Israel for the next two thousand years? They were pitiful Israelites that had no nation. For two thousand years, they lived as a nationless people and endured persecution. God’s only son, whom Heaven had waited and waited for, for four thousand years died on the cross.

Afterward, for 2,000 years, those in the Christian cultural sphere had to prepare for God’s only daughter. Before Jesus said that he would return to hold the marriage supper of the Lamb, the spot for God’s only son is already here. Christianity must become the foundation to prepare for God’s only daughter, but today’s Christianity does not realize this. Catholics especially attend Mary as the Holy Mother. Poor Jesus, who died on the cross, has also been hanging from the cross until now as Christians cry out for salvation. You know the principle. What is the providence of salvation? What is the goal of the providence of salvation? An individual alone cannot fulfill it. Don’t you agree? That dream, which Heaven has longed for, is the parent, the family. Therefore, until now, the people who believed in Christianity could not go to heaven. Heaven is the place the True Family enters. It is a place those who have not received the blessing through True Parents True Parents! Do you know how precious the True Parents are? New life, new lineage through True Parents! That means, going out in the position of the blessing. Do you understand? Blessed families are precious. However, that family must fulfill their responsibility. Responsibility! If you cannot do that, you cannot come close to the True Parents.

A baby lives in its mother’s womb for ten months. Once a child is out in the world, there is no guarantee the child will live to a hundred but life on earth is important. This is because you have to learn the providence, meet True Parents, receive True Parents’ teachings and become true children. If you do not do that, you have no connection to heaven. The ones who gave this precious gift to humankind are the True Parents! You cannot be the only ones to know these True Parents. All humankind, the entire world, must know them. You have to give others the responsibility and the opportunity.

Looking back, those in the Christian cultural sphere, who were unable to not fulfill their responsibilities, were able to begin after three hundred years. Rome acknowledged Christianity, which went from the Italian Peninsula across Europe to reach the island of Britain. Then through the oceanic providence of the Atlantic Civilization, key nations of the Atlantic Civilization such as Britain or Spain conquered countries around the world. They set off with the Christian culture. Yet they did not know Jesus’ true nature. At first, they shared Christianity but because they did not know God and were selfish and individualistic, they later took away those cultures; in frank terms, they stole. Thus, if you visit England, go to the British Museum and you will see collections of artifacts from nations they had colonized on display.

Nevertheless, I am speaking of the age of Atlantic civilization. Today, all the nations in Asia, now, must unite with Korea, the land that gave birth to True Parents. One hundred years ago, the Indian Poet Tagore said this… At that time, Korea was a Japanese colony. Looking towards Korea, he said “Korea! …that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again for the illumination of the East,” which means through the True Parents, the light is the truth. Through True Parents, through True Parents’ words, that truth will spread and the nations that accept that will become equal in the same age! They will be united. We cannot just stay in Asia. We must go out to the world. Therefore, centered on the ocean, the Pacific Ocean True Parents’ ideology will spread. Living for the sake of others. A life of giving. They will know the True Parents, who give and give, forget they have given, and give again. This is True Parents’ and Heavenly Parent’s wish and dream.

Even those who live in the fallen world, because of their conscience, wish to live a good life. That is why we now have the four great religions. Religions teach us how to live good and kind lives. Yet in the end, “What must I do?” They do not know that final purpose. Only those in the Family Federation, who know True Parents, know this. When we go out into the world with this truth, among all the people of the world, we will find righteous people, prepared people. When they hear this truth, how grateful will they be? Don’t you think that when through you, other people, encounter True Parents and their ideology they will feel that meeting True Parents is the same as meeting the Creator, Heavenly Parent? Will they cry tears of gratitude, or not? Won’t they be grateful? That makes you all saviors! Saviors! I told blessed families to fulfill the role of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. You cannot stop at your tribe; you must think of all of the world’s 7.4 billion people. Don’t young people walk faster than older people? Your energy, your stamina, your heart of filial piety toward Heaven forges a path that will save the 7.4 billion people of the world. If that doesn’t bring light to the world, what would? Isn’t that so? Through you, the world’s people will see the light. That means they will know True Parents. We must do this. Don’t you agree? Yes. Thank you.

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