Thailand: Dedication Ceremony for the Pakchong Training Center


Prepared by FFWPU Thailand

With amazing grace and love of True Parents, Pakchong Training Center was inaugurated at 10:00 in the morning on the 22th May 27, 2017 as Education center for VIPs, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Movement, Second Generation and youth of Asia and Thailand. There were 300 people attend together with Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Asian national leaders and key VIPs support Thailand movement.  This education and training center will be the place to educate and raise up VIPs, government and community leaders to become CIG Owners, Home Group leaders, New HTMs as well as education for parliamentarians from IAPP to become Core VIPs who support our movement with faith in True Parent.

In 2014, with great vision and love of TP, True Mother invested 2 million USD to build this training center that Thailand leaders and members united with Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional President of Asia to donate and buy this land size 13.6 acres for 400,000 USD in 2011 in the beautiful mountainous resort area 2 hour from Bangkok.  It has big mountain size more than 50 acres that belong to national park connect to our training center land.  All leaders and members were so grateful for True Mother’s love and investment to Thailand and Asia and try to do the best to utilize this training center to return joy and glory to TP.

Mrs. Arunee Galimata, our Thai-Japanese blessed wife who live in Okinawa, donate 1 and half acres land and motivate her relatives to sell their pieces of land to FFWPU in very good price.  So, Heavenly Parents really choose this land to become Holy Land for Training center.

We designed this training center to be center that are luxury and grand enough to accommodate 80 VIPs for Divine Principle Education or Asia Leadership Conference in Asia continent because Thailand is center of Asia and the best tourist destination that VIPs love to come and visit.  We also designed for this training center to be internal training center for blessed families, second generation and CARP members as well as new blessed families from HTM movement to come to have revival workshop, Divine Principle workshop, Home Group workshop, Special Prayer as well as to Pilgrimage to climb and prayer to the top of mountain. Our goal is to make this land to become 2nd Cheongpyeong as to become Holy Land that members from around the world can come and pray, study TP’s word, Divine Principle and can feel holiness of good spirit, love from nature and mountain as well as the love of TP.

The Holy Inauguration Ceremony lead by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional President of FFWPU-Asia; Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy of Thailand; Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of FFWPU Thailand; Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, CIG Special Envoy of Nepal; Rev. Julius Malicdem, CIG Special Envoy of Philippines and Many Asian National Leaders and staff. Especially, there were special great supporters to our Thailand movement gave speech to support for inauguraion; Gen.Terdsak Maromme, President of UPF Thailand; Prof. Kirti Buncheu, President of PWPA Thailand and Mrs. Panida Duangjinda, Vice President of WFWP Thailand.


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