Taiwan: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Ceremony


Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

A village head of Hukou Township had participated in the blessing ceremony on August 28 last year. He was deeply moved, so he joined us to held Hukou Township blessing ceremony on April 30, 2017with the theme Happy Taiwan, Love in Hukou”. Through the network and assistance of the village head, we invited the people, and that is why many VIP guests could attend the event.

Among our participants we had Secretary of Hsinchu county magistratethe, Assistant of Deputy Speaker of the Hsinchu County Council, Secretary of the Parliamentarian, Vice Chairman of Hukou Township representative, Two village heads, Three Association chairmen, Director of Social Affairs in Taishan District Office, The chairman of Taishan longevity association, supervisor of Mingzhi College, supervisor of Taishan history association.

We also received financial support (of total $400) from Hukou Township Office and Hsinchu County Government. This is a good beginning to connect with some village heads and Association chairmen, we hope that they can also cooperate with FFWPU to hold many more blessing ceremonies in the future.

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