Czech Republic: Supporting Local Service Project


By Martine Masner

On May 20, 2017, CARP Czech Republic took an opportunity to support local service project organized by one of the Prague community initiatives. This concrete community is called “Friends of Stromovka”, consists of families and people of different generations and organizes regularly projects that help to keep and maintain huge Prague park called Stromovka clean and in good state.

In the past CARP Czech Republic already participated such event and it was always very inspiring experience. Not only because of the good feeling from doing something good and useful, but also to meet and talk to all the different people who volunteered for such a public purpose and because park Stromovka is such a beautiful place.

All of us gathered around 10 am on the meeting point in one corner of the park, we were around 20 people, and after short introduction and handing out necessary trash bags and gloves we divided into smaller cleaning teams. We cleaned part of the park about two hours and then we met again on the starting point and shared about our catch. Some of the things we have found were ridiculous or funny, f.e. male underwear, toys, CDs, food etc. The whole event was very successful and overall atmosphere was very nice. We all took home not only nice experience, but also strong feeling that we could do something good for nature and society and want to continue in it.

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