Spain: Is there Life after Death?


By Mario Magaz, FFWPU Spain

We’ve organized a public lecture in Valencia city on April 28th, 2017 with the title “Is there life after death?” in a nice hotel in the city. Valencia is the third city in Spain and we have two families and one sister leaving there. We’ve published advertisements in two local newspapers and we’ve distributed about 10,000 flyers around the city in the days previous to the event. Many brothers and sisters have been praying to support the event.

We are quite happy with the result. About 23 guests appeared to hear Armando’s lecture. After he finished the speech, several people made very interesting questions. Two people stood out. One was a young man who finished his studies and is currently working. He arrived some time before the lecture started and we talked with him. His ideas where quite like ours, as he believes science and religion should work together and the different cultures and religions should learn from each other. He also asked an interesting question after the lecture.

When the question and answer session was over, he even stayed more time talking with members. He seems as he didn’t want to leave. Finally, he swapped phone numbers with a second-generation sister who lives in a town nearby Valencia. The other person was an older man whose wife died several years ago and he misses her very much. He felt very good during the lecture and felt the presence of his wife there. He felt so good that he didn’t want to leave. He was the last guest to leave.

We’ve been sowing some seeds in cities in provinces other than Madrid or Barcelona. We can see the power of God’s word and love moving people’s hearts. We have to think about how to follow up and keep in touch with those people to educate them further.

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