Spain: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


By Osamu & Mercedes Tomita González, FFWPU Spain/Pure Love Education Academy


On the occasion of the UN “International Day of Family”, we had an educational, social event and charity concert in Madrid on May 14th, 2017.

Part I – Educational and Social

  1. The Family Values in the Native Peoples of Siberia, by Professor Emilio Asti. (An Italian Professor and Lecturer, an expert in Oriental Cultures, he teaches at the University of Milan and Complutense University in Madrid).

He gave a very good lecture introducing us many important details about marriage, family and the clan system in Siberia. The virtues of loyalty, fidelity and filial piety are present in their life traditions and daily relationships.

  1. The Keys to a successful Marriage and Family, by Mr. Mario Magaz Armenteros. (The Director of Education of the FFWPU in Madrid).

He spoke about many important key points in marriage relationships. “Marriage is like a Plant that need to be watered by both partners every day in their lives, if not the Plant will die” “God and His Divine Plan is the daily goal to be achieved with efforts and determination”, for its accomplishment constant prayer and daily study of God’s Holy Word are the basic habits for good daily results. “Love, unity, harmony, patience, understanding, trust and forgiveness” are the essential attitude elements to be considered to maintain a healthy and prosperous marriage life.

  1. The 4 Realms of God’s Heart and The True Family, by Mrs. Mercedes G. de Tomita. (A teacher and educator of God’s Universal Principles and Traditions in the FFWPU).

She spoke about God’s Plan as Eternal and Unchangeable. It was at the beginning and it will be the same for eternity. God’s Plan shall be done!!! But He needs our fulfilment of 5% of Responsibility. Together we will accomplish His Will. The 4 Realms of God’s Heart and Love. Now we have the model of a True Couple. They are finally giving us the Model of True Parents. So the Ideal World is at hand. God’s dream is becoming a reality. She introduced: “The Divine Principle” and the 6 Booklets of study as a gift from Heaven to His children and a divine right for them to know about it.

A faithful Marriage’s Testimony

It was given by Mr. Juan Fernández, founder and president of ACUDE (A cultural Association of the Dominican Republic in Spain) and Ambassador for Peace and Mrs. Carmen Hernández. They have been married for about 35 years and their love is more solid than ever. It was great to listen how they respect, love and complement each other. They know our Movement since 2007 and always they have been very loyal to all our Family Events and Blessing Ceremonies.

Awards Ceremony

An Award or Recognition was presented to Mr. Francisco Saborino an Educator in PRH – Spain. A training school for individuals, couples, families and groups. They have Character and Family Education programs. They know our Movement since 2009. They have given lectures on their material and tools of Education for people and families in our Events and Programs. They are doing a great job for the wellbeing of society!

Also an Award of Gratitude was presented to the Choir’s Director for the Alborada Choir. And by lottery 3 gifts were given to the Choir’s members.

Part II – A Charitable Concert

It was given by The ALBORADA Choir and its director Mrs. Camino de la Puente Carrera. They sang beautifully!!!  A long repertoire of classic, traditional and religious songs that touched the heart and mind of the people in the audience. We closed together the Concert singing “The Hymn of Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The funds of this Concert were collected for an Orphanage in Tirana (Capital city of the Republic of Albania), called “Zyber Hallulli”.

Mrs. Eva Kondily (an Albanian member in Madrid) and Mercedes G. de Tomita went together to the Republic of Albania Embassy in Madrid and gave the donations in an envelope to Mr. Fation Pula the Albanian Consul in Madrid. He was very pleased with our small contribution for his country and they will give the donation money to the Orphanage in Tirana.

Inter-religious Prayer

A group of 4 representatives of different faiths offered a Prayer for: ”A Global Family with God in our midst”. They prayed following their own traditions and they held a CIG candle in their hands. Each prayer was deep and sincere.

Marriage and Family Blessing Ceremony

A group of 5 couples renewed their wedding vows and took the CIG Holy Wine. It was a very special moment to see how each couple wanted a marriage blessed by God and a good marriage for eternity. Their faces were bright and their heart full of joy. They felt like a new beginning for their lives and relationships.

Also the whole audience took the CIG Holy Wine and they felt blessed by God as well. Everybody received God’s grace and love with this Holy Ceremony.

As part of this Ceremony a sister called Ruby Urbano a new member since 2015 on the 12 of May received also the CIG Holy Wine, and with her husband that he has already done the 100 days in our T.C. in the Spiritual World and with his picture, she pledged to God to walk together and to keep their faith and love to God, True Parents and between them. She couldn’t come on the 14th so she did the Blessing Ceremony before in our H.Q. in Madrid. In the future she will go to Cheong Pyeong – Korea.

Educational Material

We had 7 sets of 6 booklets of Divine Principle Education. And the seven of them were taken as a gift for God to His children to read, and to learn from it as a New Revelation from God.

We introduced the audience our next Divine Principle seminar in our training centre in Madrid “El Manantial del Corazón” which will be held on May 27-28th and some of them decided to participate.

We closed the program with a Happy Birthday cake and song for Camino the Choir’s Director.

I’d like to offer my heart felt gratitude to the “Holy Spirit” for all its guidance, help and support. To all the Heavenly Tribal Messiahs that came with some guests, gave lectures and with their presence contributed so much to the Event. To the Alborada Choir that they always support the PLEA Events with an unconditional and altruistic heart and mind. To my dear friend Mrs. Camino de la Puente, the Choir’s Director. To all the Audience that came to this Event to celebrate the most important institutions in society “Marriage and Family”.

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