Solomon Island: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop

Prepared by CARP Solomon Island

The CARP students and the center members in Solomon Islands work together during this Easter break and organize a 7-day Divine Principle workshop for university and high school students from April 9th to 16th, 2017. We had 21 participants. Every morning the 7 days DP Workshops Participant listen to HDH words directly from True Parent speech and other HDH materials and offer mediation prayer upon the words they receive so we felt that this really prepare the participant spiritually for each lecture.

This time, our lecturers were the elder blessed member Alice Hou, former president of FFWPU Solomon Island, and Arnold A Fika current president of FFWPU Solon Island.

The guests could complete the study of Divine Principle, core value lectures, family is school of love lecture and could study and watched video of True Parents’ Life and their accomplishments. The guest really gain deeper understanding about who True Parents are. Also during the 7 days DP workshop the guests practice the core values throughout each day through service for peace, indoor games, outdoor games and other center activities like dish washing, cleaning the center compound and etc.…

The guests reflect and said that they were so inspired about the Divine Principle Teaching. They mention that the Divine Principle answered all their questions about many parts in the Bible like now they clearly their purpose of creation, why they were created, what happen to God’s Plan and How God work throughout the history to restore the original Garden of Eden through thoroughly studying Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, and the restoration part. Some shed tears of sorrow when they realize through the chapter 4 the tragic death of Jesus on the cross. They repent and said to do their best not to do the same mistake with the Second Advent. Some make new resolve to change their life and follow the Divine Principle. 5 directly said that will stay at the center and follow center frontline activities and they really do.

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