Romania: Special 2 Day Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by CARP Romania

We held a two workshops (Divine Principle Workshop and Special Advanced Divine Principle Workshop). The advanced Divine Principle workshop was organized for our active CARP members who are doing Divine Principle study once a week. And the other workshop was organized for the guests who finished 1 Day workshop in the past.

These workshops were truly special because we received our special emissaries Dr. NoHee Pak and Dr. RangYung Moon. They fill up our heart with full of love and grace from Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

The both 2 days Divine Principle workshop organized with special speech from Dr. RangYung Moon about ‘Life of faith and Truth’, Divine Principle lectures ‘Principle of Creation, Human Fall, Principle of Restoration, the purpose of Messiah’, ‘Happy Day’, ‘Family sharing’ and concluded with special speech from Dr. NoHee Pak about ‘True Father’s Life and Teachings’.

In the beginning, we sung joyful songs to make good atmosphere to receive our special emissaries. When they came in to the room we all could feel the brightness of spirit which filled up with Heavenly Parent’s love. The first special speech from Dr. RangYung Moon was truly touched our heart because we could understand the situation of early Unification Movement and how she kept coming until now. Through her life testimony we could feel the importance of having absolute faith in God and do our best in each situation.

Our schedule fallowed with Divine Principle lectures. Our national leader Mr. Jeong gave the lectures in Advanced 2 Days Workshop with strong spirit. And all the CARP members who participated in workshop were inspired and motivated to start their new life centered on God. Divine Principle lectures from 2 days workshop were given by our members. They prepared well and gave very clear messages in each lecture.

In the afternoon, we organized ‘Happy Day’ to create better relationship between members and guests. It was beautiful spring weather so we went to the park and played team work games. It was very joyful and cheerful time to rise our spirit and at same time we could create better relationship as brothers and sisters. In the evening, we organized family sharing time. We could open our heart towards each other and shared deeply about our life.

2nd day of the workshop we started morning excises and morning inspiration to be ready for the Divine Principle lectures. The last lecture of this workshop was given by our special emissary Dr. NoHee Pak about ‘True Father’s Life and Teachings’. It was really inspiring for all the young people to understand True Father’s Life and it brought a lot of lessons and hope for our life. Especially for the CARP members or guests who didn’t know well about True Father. Some of the CARP members started cry because of full of inspirations. We concluded our special 2 Days workshop with singing ‘Sarang-Hea’all together. We all hold in hand and we sung with all our love and gratitude for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We are sure that these special experiences in this 2 Days Workshop were life changing experiences for all the guests, CARP members, STF members and our Romanian members. We will continue our mission with stronger power which we received in this workshop and love from Heavenly Parent and True Parents through our special emissaries.


CARP members

  • This 2 days workshop was very amazing. I really enjoyed spending time with you. I liked all the presentation but specially the nice couple from Korea. I really wish one day I will have an amazing marriage like they have. First of all I’m glad that I’ve met you and with every workshop I participated, I’m happy to discover myself, meet amazing people and starting to stop my selfishness. Thank you so much. I can’t describe how happy I am that I’m accepted by you. (Luciana: 19years old)
  • I really really really enjoyed this workshop. I thought about this as one opportunity to learn more about CARP’s principle and Divine Principle. And I truly honored about the special emissaries’ visit and their presentations. Thank you so much. (Marian: 22 years old)
  • The workshop, to describe in ward was awesome. There were no moments I didn’t like. The activities were very organized and the presentations of the Principle were excellent! Everybody that presented did good job and they explained good and caught my attention. In conclusion, I would gladly participate again to this workshop! Thank you so much! (Dragos: 19 years old)
  • I enjoyed the workshop, particularly the atmosphere and the opportunity to bond with each other. Also, I could get more information. Another thing I enjoyed very much was the sharing part at the end of the day. I just wished it was longer because I really felt I could open up and at same time I appreciated others opening up to me. Thanks for everything, your time and efforts are appreciated! (Andrei: 25 years old)

Advanced 2Days Workshop guests

  • For me, this 2 days workshop was very inspiring and I learn many interesting and new things about life, about Rev.Sun Myung Moon, about how we can be better in our lives and about Divine Principle. I really felt and I also really feel that here I belong because I met people that want to grow beautiful and the second family is here for me. And also, when these special emissaries were presenting, I felt that also if they have a country far away for us, they are here like our Parents not like somebody that wants to present something and the just go. They are closer to us and they want to teach us like parents. At Mr.Jeong’s presentation I felt an energy to listen that makes me to pay attention of all. What he said help us to understand more things about ourselves and about how can do right things to have a common purpose with God. I’m thankful for everything that it is happening in my life through these activities and this workshop and this beautiful people that I met here in CARP. (Roxana: 19years old)
  • First of all, I wanted to participate in this 2d ays Advanced workshop because I felt I needed motivation and energy for the next 2 month, and I discovered that by studying the Divine Principle I can make some order in my life and I receive so much energy and inspiration. For this specific workshop, I was really glad I got to learn Mr. Pak’s story about Rev. Sun Myung Moon, It really was something I needed to learn. Thank you so much. (Stefania: 21 years old)
  • In this workshop I attended Mr.Joeng’s lecture about restoration. A good point about it was that I felt he was talking from the heart and it really made me question my present perspective towards some aspects of life. He asked me ‘How do you try to find peace every day?’ and I said, ‘By doing something good for me, for others.’ And then he took a break and told me ‘You have to first do good for the others and so you will find peace and happiness.’ This small conversation really gave me something to think about the way I beloved in my life. Secondly, I could attend Dr. NoHee Pak’s presentation about Rev.Moon and he inspired me by presenting his life path… the struggles he went through, but also how he tried to spread the truth and goodness all over the world. I think he is an example of us and we could all try to make a difference, as small as it can be, in order to give better future for the next generations. I’m so grateful that I’ve met Dr. NoHee Pak today and I wish I could meet people which such a strongly believe in God more often. Thank you so much. (Claudia: 20 years old)

STF members

  • The lectures which I attended felt more private and the topics were taken more serious. Also, our special emissaries were good addition to the workshop. Even though I felt at the beginning weird when they were talking about True Parents so freely, at the end they sounded so inspiring and convincing that I would’ve liked to join our movement, if I wasn’t be in the church. Overall I think everyone enjoyed the workshop and could gain something new from it! Thank you. (Hannes Thurner)
  • In the testimony from Dr. Moon, I could feel True Parents, especially True Fathers love which in teaching and guiding her. And also, I could learn her attitude not just about in front of True Parents but also in front of people. And during the lecture, I could learn again ‘How much important to be harmonious.’ (JiJung Kim)
  • Mr. Pak and Mrs. Moon’s lectures were inspiring. To be close to them feels like I’m close to True Parents. Somehow, I can understand my mother’s heart when she was so happy and excited that we could meet them. Other than that, I feel happy because it was also a learning process and understanding of my parents or other 1st gens. They were really declaring True Parents to the whole world and sometimes it’s difficult still for us 2nd gen to do the same, meaning that we could’t yet make our own faith, strong relationship with God and True Parents. But I feel I could be so open at the end about True Parents and everything. Because I see how important, valuable it is so far, the whole world and for me. (Marta)

Romanian members

  • Our beloved Heavenly Parent and True Parents! First, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here in Romania CARP and for the chance of meeting Dr. Pak and Mrs. Moon and getting a glimpse of True Parents Heart. Many times, I realized that Heaven is like this: A life lived centered on God, living together as brothers and sisters. For the Heaven that you offer me here on earth, in Romania, I am sincerely so grateful. It impressed me the most how natural our special emissaries presented about our beloved Heavenly Parents. Sometimes when I witness other people I am afraid to be so direct about the mission and life of True Father, but they proved to me that only Truth together with Love can conquer people’s hearts. I am grateful for such a beautiful life example. Another point in this workshop is that O discovered once again True Parents loving heart for humanity and I remembered how important my mission to pass on their love and God’s Word is. Just like how I was in desperate need of finding the truth, there are many young people waiting for this chance and I must invest my effort for them. (Gabriela)
  • Certainly I was eager for this moment to come, for this workshop to take place and also meet Mr.Pak and Mrs. Moon the time before/ a couple of weeks before the workshop I was praying for the people that were supposed to come and I can say that I was also filled by this hope of new inspiration for life and my mission, of new understanding of the Korean history – Unification Movement and the history of the first members – and new spiritual in right about True Parents that could only come from people that have spent close and personal time with them. The lectures given by our Special Emissaries were truly awe-inspiring. Especially Mrs.Moon! she said things so directly but in such a heartistic way that it transmitted to me this eagerness for JeonDo and enthusiasm of doing mission. I believe that we forget (many times) how special the mission that we have been called for. Other times we don’t believe that we are the right people for it, as if God made some error in choosing His messenger but their people, their life is a living statement that faith and God will challenge us but it will happen in this way to make us stronger…God trust us more than we trust Him and more than we trust ourselves. With grateful heart and a lot of hope. (Laura).

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