Romania: Cleaning a Park in Bucharest

Prepared by CARP Romania

After a beautiful and inspiring 1 day Divine Principle Workshop, on April 28, 2017 we gathered at our Peace Center to prepare for and find sincere determination for a social project that concerned cleaning a marginal park in Bucharest – Plumbuita. We first gathered to share about what Nature means to each of us and how we can find value in the natural environment that surrounds us.

We decided to make teams of 3 people where we could include 1 STF member and 1 new guest in each team with the hope that they can become closer to each other and create brotherhood and sisterhood relationships. We explained about hygiene and protection norms and after wards we left from the Peace Center. When we arrived, each person received a pair of gloves and a trash bag and we divided the area to cover as much space as possible. We felt that each person invested sincerely and positively, supporting each other with encouragements and jokes. In these kind of situations, we can feel that a change can appear when we mobilize our hearts and efforts, when we move together in the same direction and when the center of what we do is including God. Through action we grow the fastest and the impact that we have in the society be an example worthy to be followed.

In as much as we appreciate nature and see it as our home and gift from God we can have the initiative to clean and nurture it. The guests and CARP members worked together with the international members and we could feel that our hearts grow through the experiencing of True Love in Action.

“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” Rainer Maria Rilke, Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God At the end of the 2 hours and many full trash bags we threw them away in a big container and took pictures together in a much cleaner environment. We hope that we can repeat this experience every semester and enjoy this time together.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents for your love and support!

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