PWPA Conference in Cambodia

Professor World Peace Academy Conference, collaborating with Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region IV-A from Philippines and UPF-Cambodia


Prepared by  UPF Cambodia

Professor World Peace Academy Conference “International Professor Conference for Peace” collaboration with Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region IV-A & UPF-Cambodia was held in University of Battambang (UBB: only the State University in Battambang Province) and Provincial Teachers Training Center (PTTC), May 9-10, 2017 in the province of Battambang, Cambodia. The President of the Professors World Peace Academy in Philippines, Dr. Venus G. Agustin along with the 12 officers of the Council of Deans and Educators of Business in Region 4-A (CODEB) participated, the said consecutive conference in two different locations with the theme, “Fostering Collaboration between Cambodia and Philippines in Business Education”.


International Professor Conference for Peace – University of Battambang

The first day of the conference solemnly began with the singing of the Cambodian National Anthem followed by the Philippine National Anthem, followed by a warm welcome by the Vice Director of the University of Battambang, the biggest university in the province, where the conference was held. In the opening remarks, Mr. Hajime Saito delivered a presentation on “Let us become the Leaders in the World of Peace.” His meaningful remarks open the morning session with hope for the Cambodia a small nation who can possibly conquer the world if educators can provide a principled education to their students. He also showed the parallelism of Cambodia’s history to the world history—its dark age and on that foundation convey to them how near it is for Cambodia to be completely liberated and become a nation of Cheon Il Guk. Inspired by True Father’s speech entitled” Youth Culture must become a Pure Love Movement (given on 1997 Nov 30, Washington DC, United States) he rephrased, “Although the Kingdom of Cambodia is a powerful nation, in reality, you cannot deny that it is not all-powerful when it comes to the issue of pure love. If Battambang wishes to maintain its reputation as the city, above all else it needs to become a leading city in this matter of pure love. The day the Battambang become the holy city of pure love and true love will be the day when the entire world will respect and love the Kingdom of Cambodia”. The Vice Director of the University of Battambang, Mr. Bun Chhun who was very inspired after that one day conference made phone calls to the office of UPF-Cambodia on the following day, addressing that he wanted to work together with the Universal Peace Federation in Cambodia.

International Professor Conference for Peace – Provincial Teachers Training Center

The following day, May 10, the conference continued with a more enthusiastic atmosphere in the Provincial Teachers Training Center. Eleven Directors and professors of five private universities (International University, University of Management and Economics, Vanda Institute, Provincial Teachers Training Center) in Battambang province and 12 university directors and professors from the Philippines joined together and share each other’s dilemmas as an autonomous institutions and constructive ideas on how to provide a quality education to their students and promote their well-beings. Each camp had an exchange sharing of their best practices. “It is the first time that we have an international Conference. In order to reach the goal of our school and out International Partners, we are looking forward that the result our conference today will bring us new hope,” said the Director of the PTTC as he delivered his keynote address. The Vanda Institute Director- stated the problem, “The provincial government is looking for ways in order to provide and upgrade the quality of education. We are very willing to cooperate with you in making our curriculum together since we are just beginning to rise up now after the devastation during the Polpot revolution. We want to provide quality education to our students. When we sent to abroad the problem is language. The first thing they need to do is to study ahead of the country’s language before they can study. We want to prepare them ahead but we need more human resource. After addressing the problem, Dr. Amado Magsino, Chairman of CODEB. IV-A presented the Passage to Asean program a way to converge students and teachers into a summit so that they can echo what they have learned to their own schools.

The morning session concluded with reflections from both camps. “The professors must be extremely qualified to teach. They must have industry experience. The bookish is not equally efficient as those who have industry experience. They must have to do research, publication, seminar, faculty development, continuous education. Having double- PHD.  This is an important thing that we should have in order to mold our student to become future leaders, future leaders, with a heart to bring peace,” Dr. Flormando Baldomino, strongly pointed out.

After several hours of brainstorming, in the afternoon session Mr. Hajime Saito, Director of Universal Peace Federation, Indo-china, presented a lecture on The Attributes of True Love with his very own testimony of becoming a parent. He likened the teachers to Parents. “The role of educators is to give. We feel saddened if we don’t have something to give to our students. This is the principle of True Love—to give first. In history, the leaders have been always thinking to receive. This is the mentality of the beggar. This is the reason why people have suffered throughout history. What is the owner? The owner is to give first. No need to expect something. When you shed tears of True Love you will be respected. When we do something good, heaven will definitely not forget.” Furthermore, he reminded them, “Educator’s position is a leader and parent position. In the family, the parent is a leader. First, we need to become True Parent, True Teacher–not only the teacher who give the knowledge but someone who can teach true love to their students. True owner—one who can take the action to raise up our young people. When we raise up our young people, Battambang will prosper.” These words just melt down the atmosphere and captured the minds of all that were present in the conference.

Dr. Venus Agustin, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Hajime Saito saying, “Thank you for educating my PWPA officers. When we teach knowledge yet we ignore their emotions their beams will be weakened and eventually their academic foundations will collapse”. The 2-day International Professors Conference for Peace turns out to be an Asian Leadership Conference with university directors and professors delegation from Philippines and Cambodia.

Witness the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Battambang

May 11, 2017, the 12 Professors and University Directors from the Philippines grab the chance to witness an Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival on the very same day that Rev. Masatate Kajikuri officiated the 430 couples blessing in Banan District Battambang province in Cambodia. Through the ceremony, they were able to satisfy their curiosities about the activities of UPF by themselves. They began to wonder how the organization can gather that big number of people and educate them to become ideal families. The ties they build within 2-day conference and hospitality experience of Cambodian people inspire Dr. Venus Agustin, President of PWPU –Philippines to invite the Cambodian delegation to participate another PWPA Conference on 17th this month.

A Door to Establish IAYSP in Cambodia based on PWPA foundation.

UPF-Cambodia, especially Battambang branch, made the foundation centering on educational field for both private and public universities, secondary schools.  The 2-day “International Professors Conference for Peace” opens the door for Cambodia-Philippine cooperation towards educating the youth and students centering on the principle True Love and Living for the sake of others and a balance education—internal and external education. Through the development of the relationship of the professors from both Cambodia and Philippines, UPF Cambodia hopes to bridge the PWPA as the parent organization, unto establishing an International Association of the Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP) as disciple position in Cambodia. IAYSP will be the organization based on school, not only work as youth organization but also capture the academic field, which is able to practically give influence to the culture of youth together with Tong Il Moodo. Special Thanks to the PWPA-Philippines, International Peace Leadership Collage (personally to Master, Dr. Venus), Rev. Julius (National Leader to Philippines) made this event happened. Very Special Thanks to Dr. Yong that always gives the inspiration to make this movement going forward, Non-Stop Education!!

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