Preparatory Conference for the Establishment of the IAPP in Togo

By Aliti Abalo, FFWPU Togo

After the participation of two Togolese deputies, the Honorable Gnakouafre Amba Sabia and Honorable Tchamon Abaléa, and the former President of the National Assembly of Togo and former Prime Minister, His Excellence Agboyome Kodjo to the International Conference of Leadership (ILC) of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso in 2016 and in Seoul, Koréa from February 1st to 5th 2017, we were working on the establishment of the IAPP in Togo. For this reason, we organized a conference on May 26, 2017 at the Congress Palace, seat of Togo parliament, in the Plenary room.

The main porpoise was to educate those deputies who accept to become IAPP- Togo members, about the IAPP, who are its founders, the works of the founders in the field of world peace and what the founders are expecting from the IAPP members.

Among 38 members who have given their name to be a member of the IAPP Togo, 13 deputies who are presents at Lomé took part in the conference.

After the national anthem and prayer, Honorable Gnakouafre Amba Sabia gave the opening speech. She emphasized the importance of establishing the IAPP and congratulated the Founders for their initiatives and their works to expand a culture of peace.

After that Honorable Tchamon Abaléa presented a report about ILC which was held at Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso in 2016 and the ILC held at Seoul in Korea on February 2017, in order to help his colleagues to understand the IAPP better and to motivate them to establishment of IAPP Togo Chapter.

Rev. Sassou Koussougbo, president of FFWPU Togo, gave a more details exploitation about IAPP and it‘s works worldwide. Then we had a video presentation about True Parents’ worldwide works for peace. After this, the Secretary General of the UPF, Tchalla Tomguilam, spoke about five fundamental principles for Peace. And Ms. ANTONIO Flore, Vice-President of FFWPU Togo and President of the WFWP Togo spoke about the Sunhak Peace Prize.

At the end, we had a time for Q&A in which participants asked many questions. And this bought us to a deeper discussion on the subject.

Participants were all satisfied and proud of what they learned during this conference. They testified that the knowledge they have acquired in this conference will help them in their works so they hope to receive more formation in order to strengthen their capacity in this area. This is why they are committed to establish the IAPP in Togo in a short time.

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