New Zealand: Younger 2nd Generation Workshop


By Andrew Halim, FFWPU New Zealand

During this year’s school break in April, a number of workshops have been set up for our blessed children in New Zealand. While Amon Watanabe took care of a leadership workshop for the slightly older ones, I felt the need to take care of their younger siblings and made it open to all younger children who could not attend the leadership workshop. This took place from the 20th to the 23rd of April at Parnell Peace Embassy. We integrated the two together when the schedule permits and the remaining timeslots were filled in with internal contents and activities. There were 3 participants who attended the entire workshop: Mirek Hanzlikova, Joey Hanzlikova and Justyce; while Otomo and Yoshimi Hanzlikova joined in from Friday to Saturday. We had an outing on Saturday the 22nd and we were grateful to have older children and members joining in for it. We deeply thank all the mothers and helpers who supported this workshop selflessly, including Keiko Watanabe, Miyuki Hanzlikova, Holdem family, Ngatamariki Lulia, Amon Watanabe and Junior Anae.

The internal content for this workshop included a short lecture on the importance of God’s Word based on its description in the Bible, Divine Principle and True Father’s words. It was followed by the story of Joshua up until the Battle of Jericho. We have covered other Biblical figures in the past, including Noah, Abraham’s family and Moses; and we hope to lay the foundation of learning further by exploring other important biblical figures which are relevant to understand the Providence as laid out in the DP. The last content was on True Parents’ life from the time of their birth until their school days. The material was made recently thanks to True Mother’s initiative through Sunhak Institute of History. Although this is still work-in-progress, it will definitely keep improving and it was a great honour to share and learn from their life course.

We are grateful to have plenty of interaction and games between all who were present in Parnell Peace Embassy. The younger ones benefited a lot from the presence of the older blessed children. We were also able to visit Kiwi Valley Farm in an attempt to encourage interaction with God’s creation. Pogoni family, Rachel Afu and Ngatamariki joined us for this outing. We thank FFWPU New Zealand who sponsored the trip and we look forward to continue promoting interaction with nature, especially amongst the younger ones.

Participants of the trip to Kiwi Valley Farm, which include all the participants of the Younger BC Workshop in April 2017.

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