New Zealand: 2017 Seminar and Fishing Tournament

Prepared by WSFF New Zealand

On the 16th and 17th April we conducted a seminar and the annual Fishing Tournament.  The Seminar was held from 2pm to 6pm on the 16th April. There were four speakers of which included:

  • Scott Macindoe from Legasea (Advocate group for recreational fisherman) speaking to WSFF objective – Protection of Fish Resources.
  • Ben Harris from Seacleaners (Organization actively picking up rubbish from waterways totaling approximately 4.3 million liters over 10 years) speaking to WSFF objective – Protection of Fishing Waters.
  • Leon Pogoni, Chairman of the WSFF New Zealand, speaking more in depth about the Vision, Mission and objectives of WSFF New Zealand

Overall the seminar was of great inspiration to the speakers and audience. A lot of important statistics were spoken of and the audience was well educated. WSFF New Zealand looks forward to more educational seminars like this and partnering together with Seacleaners and Legasea and working together for the greater good.

The Fishing Tournament participants attending the seminar were then briefed on the practical aspects of fishing on the location in the Kaipara Harbour by Gerald Hampton, president of WSFF New Zealand. Some of the topics included target fish, rods and tackle needed and expected weather conditions etc.

The Fishing Tournament began at 5am on April 17th. All the participants enjoyed the the Tournament and at the end they took some fish for their families.

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