Brazil: Matching Advisors’ Meeting and Suggestions for Matching


Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On March 11, 2017, there were 31 leaders who participated, mostly local pastors, missionaries and home group leaders. Our Continental, Director, Rev. Dong Mo Shin´s precious words had given so much clarity about the importance of following strictly the standard of matching and blessing process. He emphasized that it´s not just solely the responsibility of the BFD staff to work things out with matters concerning the blessing but it needs to have the support of the Headquarters Leaders, those who dealt with blessing matters.

That´s why regular meetings of the Blessing Committee will be done that composed of the Continental Director, the National Leader, the Vice-President for Education, the Vice-President for Administration, the BFD Director, the BFD staff and some of the local leaders/missionaries who are involved in the blessing matters.

These meetings are important to discuss and review together the matching and blessing process and establish goals for the Cosmic Blessing in September, how to bring more single candidates to the blessing. The BFD Director, Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas, reiterated the matching and blessing process, the steps that needed to be followed diligently. There was the presence of the Secretary General of the South America Region, Hyo Mi Linhares and the presence of the other two Directors of the World Strategic Mission Center, in the South America region, namely, Heung Kwon Bae – Director of Youth and Student Department and Yegyeong Sampaio – Director of Witnessing. They came because they, too are helping as Matching Advisors as some youth and students trusted them and consult them about the process of matching and blessing.

We discussed strategies to work together for the betterment of the progress and development of our results to offer to our True Parents more single blessing candidates in the upcoming Cosmic Blessing in September. Then there were questions and answers and many good ideas came about in order to help our blessed families with their problems or situations.

After lunch, the regional pastor, Pr. Valcir emphasized the importance of strengthening the faith, to participate regularly the Sunday Services, tithing, etc. Then there was a group dynamic where everyone formed a circle. The BFD Director, Maria Dolor shared important points from the book of the International Standards for Blessed Family Administration:

She shared also the 2017 Activities of the BFD Brazil and encouraged all Matching Advisors/Leaders to disseminate the information. A short lecture on how to register online by the BFD Technical staff, Chung Nam to orient the basic steps to the leaders by accessing the BFD, Brazil site:

At 3:30 pm everybody went up to the 6th floor to take the final photo with the Continental Leader, then the suggestions for matching started and 8 couples were suggested to each other. All of these couples will go through the 1st phase (21 days of acceptance of the suggestion of matching), 2nd phase (until 7 months of communication and personally knowing each other) and 3rd phase (matching commitment) then prepare for the Blessing.

It finished around 4:30 pm with the final prayer by the National Leader, Pres. Koichi Sasaki.

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