Leadership Conference for Peace in Benin


Prepared by UPF Benin

This Conference took place on May 11, 2017 in the conference room at the Prefecture Office in Abomey City, on the theme Creativity and Social Development. It drew top leaders and other representative leaders in various fields in the province, including the Secretary General of the prefecture, the Abomey deputy mayor, the chief of police, tribal kings, directors of organizations, and religious leaders.

For better results and the support of the Prefecture governor, the local staff of our Tribal Messiahship Mission met him with our Special Envoy. Participants were invited by the Prefect of the Province of ZOU and the conference took the form of an official conference.

We were very worried, as the rain started to fall just before the conference. In spite of this, we were very pleasantly surprised to see all the VIPs coming to attend the conference. Mobilization on the ground was also done by Mr. Felix SONOUME, Coordinator of Tribal Messiahship mission in Abomey, with the support of a Traditional Chief well known in in Abomey. The purpose of the conference is to share our Vision with top VIPs of the Province, receive their support and bring them to be involved in our activities, thus to accelerate the realization of VISION 2020. The same conference will be held in other 11 prefectures of Benin (we have 12 prefectures in all in Benin).

Two presentations were given :

First was a presentation of Special Envoy, Rev. SASAKI on the topic: ‘’Creativity and Development of the Society.” It emphasized using our creative mind and common sense to develop our society. We need also to lead our life centered on core values and to keep time by using a clock or watch, nor relying on the sun.

The second communication was given by Mr. GUELI Serge, one of the leaders of tribal messiahship mission in the area. It outlined the five principles of Ambassadors for Peace. The first Deputy Mayor of Abomey was nominated as an Ambassador for Peace.

Participants reaction and testimony:     

Participants were very satisfied and want to learn more. They were very impressed. Despite the rain, to gather 75 personalities for us is almost a miracle under God’s will. They were very enthusiastic to work with us. The Secretary General of the Prefecture thanked UPF and FFWPU, encouraged participants to practice what they had heard. He wants also to become an Ambassador for Peace.

Two journalists were also present. One them has posted about the event on a web site: www.agencebeninpress.info. The impact of conference has begun to be visible: the day after the conference, one journalist mentioned on the radio that the citizens of Benin need to take responsibility for the development of their country.

A good follow up is necessary to harvest from this victory of True Parents.

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