International President at the Launch Ceremony for the YSP in Japan

Launch Ceremony for Youth and Students for Peace

Main Speech

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

May 17, 2017 – Shinjuku Bunka (Culture) Center, Tokyo

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Distinguished leaders, respected officials and participants in the Inaugural Ceremony of the Youth and Students for Peace of Japan!

It is my high honor and privilege to be with you today and to have the opportunity to speak on this most important occasion.

I am deeply inspired to be here in Japan, once again, and I am especially uplifted to see so many energetic and dynamic young men and woman gathered here.

Minasan, Konnichiwa! (“Hello, everybody!” in Japanese.)

There is no country other than my home country of Korea, “the father nation,” that I hold more deeply in my heart than our “mother nation” of Japan.

Growing up in America, I was often cared for by three Japanese sisters while my parents did their public missions.

The Japanese culture, language, and love I received from those sisters will always hold a special place in my heart.

For a significant portion of our adult lives, my husband and I worked and lived in this beautiful country.

We always think of Japan as our home.

In terms of the growth and development of our movement around the globe, the Japanese missionaries have always served at the very heart and center of the providence, sacrificing themselves each and every day.

You have provided lifeblood and energy for the providence throughout the world.

All I can offer as I stand here in front of you today is my most sincere expression of love, respect, and eternal gratitude to all of you.

Our Japanese movement has risen to become a national-level role model of true love, of living for the sake of others, and of One Family Under God.

Kamsahamnida and salanghamnida.

When True Mother launched the Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) in February of this year, in the presence of two thousand young people from Korea, Japan and nations around the world, she referred to the young people of YSP (Youth and Students for Peace) as “special forces” who were called to build a world of lasting peace, based on True Parents’ vision of Cheon Il Guk, a unified nation of peace.

As the 6,000 years of providential history come to their climax, you are being called and anointed as the special forces to help fulfill this objective.

You are the pure youth that True Parents have raised up to be the “light of the world” and to build a world of lasting peace. Are you such young people? Yes!

Let us answer with our whole heart so that our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents can hear our pledge! Yes!

I have no doubt that you will be the light the world needs, bringing hope in the midst of darkness, and leading a revolution of true love, harmony, and peace throughout the globe.

I understand that most of you gathered here today are less than 30 years old? Yes?

Well, this is the most important period in your life.

This is the time during which our character takes shape, and we come to define who we are as individuals.

We question why life is filled with such suffering, and ask ourselves how we might help bring about an end to that suffering.

We consider the kind of life we want to live, how we can do the best for ourselves and others, and how we want to be remembered. Me make decisions that will affect our future in significant ways.

Therefore, this period of your life is a time of the greatest importance.

That is why True Mother came to Japan, and that is why she asked me to speak to you.

She wanted to share her heart of love and concern for each of you, and her hopes for each of you.

Please think about True Father and True Mother when they were your age. I am sure you know that True Father was called only 16 years old when he was directly called by Jesus to carry forward his mission.

True Mother had been prepared by heaven as the only begotten daughter and she was also called at 16 to participate in the Holy Wedding Ceremony with True Father, on April 11, 1960 [solar calendar], thereby establishing the position of the True Parents.

Although our True Parents were called and anointed by heaven as the only begotten son and the only begotten daughter, we know they had to walk an unimaginably thorny and heart-wrenching path.

At times their situations must have seemed almost hopeless.

And yet, with absolute love, faith and obedience, they overcame and persevered through all the unfathomable challenges and obstacles.

They have opened the glorious gates of grace and have made it possible for us to settle and thrive in this age of completion, bearing the fruits of True Love and Peace for future generations.

As we stand here at this defining moment in history, each and every one of you are precious in the eyes of heaven.

Please cherish the noble legacy you have inherited, and use each moment of your precious life here on earth as an offering of True Love to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Let us be the children and families that bring joy, peace, and glory back to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Let us take full responsibility and bring victory to our True Parents and Heavenly Parent! Can we do it? Yes! Aju.

Thank you brothers and sisters.

Last month we celebrated the 57th anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding, a day that marked a momentous turning point in providential history.

On that day, True Parents opened the gates of completion and liberation for all of us—True Family and all FFWPU family members.

From the time of the Holy Wedding our True Parents worked side by side, in absolute unity and shared commitment, for 52 years.

Together with your parents’ generation True Parents worked all across the globe, building up a global movement committed to creating a world of peace, one family under God.

They established numerous organizations and initiatives to achieve this purpose, each aimed at solving the critical problems that humanity faces.

These include FFWPU, UPF, WFWP, and, now, the YSP (Youth and Students for Peace), as well as many others.

The central vision or ideal that has guided their work and the work of our movement is that of building one family under God, a world in which all people live together in harmony with each other and with the environment, enjoying peace, mutual prosperity and happiness.

At the center of this vision is the ideal of the family, building families of true love and goodness, based on husbands and wives who love each other and who devote themselves to the education and wellbeing of their children.

The family is the cornerstone of peace, and if we build strong, stable, loving families, we can create a strong, stable, and peaceful society and nation.

Therefore, our movement focuses on true love, living for the sake of others, and the Holy Blessing.

We also know that True Parents have worked tirelessly to resolve conflict worldwide.

True Parents knew that a world that does not know God is a world with no hope, a world of division and conflict.

During the Cold War era they made every effort to resolve the global conflict between communism and the free world, even going to Moscow in 1990 to meet with President and Mrs. Gorbachev to guide them toward reform of the Soviet system.

My parents have devoted their lives to bringing about the reunification of North and South Korea.

With this in mind, and at the risk of their lives, they met with Kim Il Sung, grandfather of North Korea’s current leader, in 1991.

At that time, they presented a plan for the reformation of North Korea and re-unification of the peninsula.

Just recently True Mother held public rallies in Korea calling the Korean people to strive for unity, peace, and harmony, guiding the Korean people on the right path.

They invested all their time, energy and resources to teach a higher, God-centered consciousness, a global vision of one united family under God.

They promoted interreligious dialogue and cooperation as an essential component of their peacebuilding strategy.

My parents have always taught that although there are some differences between the world’s religions, almost 90% of the teachings and values are similar.

There is no reason why religions cannot live together in mutual respect and cooperation.

In fact, this is a prerequisite for peace on our planet.

Only when we practice True Love, and “forgive, love and unite,” can we heal the divisions and end the hatred that gives rise to conflict and war. It is only through True Parents’ God-centered vision that we can solve the global threat of terrorism, ethnic and racial conflict, extreme poverty, disease, lack of education, and the violation of human rights. We must overcome human selfishness and greed.

Ignorant of God’s will, humanity has blindly pushed the earth to the tipping point. Climate change is having a devastating impact on our planet and threatens our future. That is why our True Parents have continually devoted themselves to the protection and preservation of the environment.


By 2050, if we do not change as a global family we face mass catastrophe and decline.

Every morning, instead of getting the weather report or the day’s news, our priority is to get the “misemungi” [fine dust level] report, in order to know if we can go outside or if we must wear masks and stay indoors.

According to the World Health Organization, Seoul is now ranked high among industrial global cities in terms of air pollution.

To read this news is heartbreaking, for it means that children can no longer just go freely outside to play.

This is a sad reality that humanity must solve.

This beautiful planet, this amazing universe, are precious gifts from our creator.

We are called to take care of this precious environment. We must be responsible and loving stewards, leaving this world better than we found it, for the sake of future generations.

True Mother knows that if there is no earth there can be no future.

All life is sustained by this gift from our Heavenly Parent.

If the people of the world do not know Heavenly Parent or True Parents, darkness and devastation will ensue.

Therefore, she is urgently calling for the fulfillment of Vision 2020 and the completion of Cheon Il Guk.

Only when the entire globe knows and is enlightened by Heavenly Parent’s truth can we bring about peace and prosperity here on earth for all living beings and the entire creation.

This has been a primary focus most recently of the Sunhak Peace Prize and the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.

Brothers and sisters, the mission of YSP (Youth and Students for Peace) is very important. Together with UPF, IAPP, and WFWP, YSP (Youth and Students for Peace) can form a strong alliance of righteous youth for peace, an alliance that can transform this world, centered on True Parents.

In this way, you can move your nation of Japan. You can move, Korea, the United States, and even the United Nations.

In True Parents’ lifetime, they have been victorious. Everything True Parents and Heavenly Parent have done throughout their lives has been for the sake of all humankind and creation.

We must model our lives on theirs and build a better world for future generations.

Let us fulfill our responsibilities as filial children and liberate True Parents’ heart, and help True Parents complete their work on earth and in heaven. Can we do it? Yes!

As young people, you have vision and energy, and are filled with dreams for a better world.

That is why True Mother loves Japan. She knows the importance of its providential role in the world.

Here in the mother nation of Japan, and all over the world, your parents and 1st generation brothers and sisters have laid the ultimate foundation of indemnity, sacrificing everything for the sake of the world and for peace. Japan, as the mother nation, has nurtured and raised up the entire movement around the globe, giving sustenance and loving care, providing missionaries, and devoting everything to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Japan, like our True Mother, has walked a course to restore the critical providential mistakes of history.

You carried the mother’s burden of giving everything you have for the sake of all Heavenly Parent’s children around the globe.

Your unconditional love and your culture of heart have nourished this glorious, heavenly peace movement around the world.

Today we launch the YSP (Youth and Students for Peace), centering on each of you as the youth of our movement, pure seeds, filial sons and daughters from the glorious lineage of our True Parents. You have gathered for this purpose, here in the mother nation, in absolute unity with True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven.


With this foundation, I am confident that we can bring victory and peace to all humankind and creation. You, the young people of Japan, can lead the way to the transformation and the renewal of this nation, so that Japan can lead the world to peace and prosperity.

The relationship between Japan and Korea is extremely important, representing the unity of the father nation and mother nation.

When parents are united, the family and future generations can be united.

If the young people of Korea and Japan, the youth and students of YSP (Youth and Students for Peace), can work together in harmony, for the sake of peace, that we can restore the history of enmity and conflict and open a new era of mutual respect and peace.

This will generate a ripple effect washing over this world covered in darkness and greed, liberating this world, and restoring all humanity to its rightful position as one family under God.


Beloved young people of Japan.

Please work for this noble objective and goal.

The world is depending on you.

Heavenly fortune and blessing resides in you and your divine light.

You can become the “special forces” who can lead the way to peace on earth and in heaven.

Heavenly Parent and True Parents have opened the gates.

Now it is up to us to complete the victory by guiding and educating all brothers and sisters of the world toward their true liberation.

Will you do that? Yes! Aju

I would like to be able to report to True Mother, when I return to Korea, that you made your sincere pledge to fulfill this great ideal, and to build one universal family under God.

Do you pledge this with absolute sincerity to bring National Victory in Japan! Yes!

I know we can do it! Then all together let us give Heavenly Parent, True Parents and our mother nation of Japan 3 cheers of victory! Sungli x3!

Arigato Gozaimashita! Minasan Aishitemasu! (Thank you and I love you in Japanese) Namaste

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