Italy: Find Your Purpose, Change Your Life


Prepared by CARP Italian

Young active people from all over Italy with a strong desire to make a positive change in society gathered in Rome, in the beautiful Colle Mattia, from the 22nd to the 25th of April 2017 for the national Carp workshop. A gathering centred on true values, a time of reflection and a chance to cultivate our hearts. “Find your purpose, change your life!” was the motto of the workshop which was enriched by lectures, sharings, and discussions but also a cultural visit and fun activities. Elena Chirulli, Roberto Preciutti e Fiorella Capone organized the workshop in collaboration with Giuseppe Calì and Elisabetta Nistri. More than 25 young people attended including 5 guests who were eager to collaborate and get to know the Carp activities. On the first day, Elena welcomed the participants with an introduction of Carp and its philosophy of life, which aspire to guide each person toward a personal growth and to bring a contribution to the society. The presentation was followed by a “bubble sharing”: an activity which allowed the participants to get to know each other on a deeper level through a series of questions.

Every morning started with a stretching session and readings of True Father’s autobiography followed by a group discussion. On Sunday the 23rd, the participants had the chance to listen to a lecture by Christian Termine (Stf co-organizer) about the types of spirituality that each person can embody. The lecture was followed by a visit to the city centre of Rome, where the participants could spend a wonderful time together admiring the beauty of the city. The day ended with an open discussion after the movie “Ben Hur”, full of deep meaning and emotions. The next day Giuseppe Calì gave an inspiring lecture about “God and the science” which was really appreciated by the participants who could understand more deeply the relation between God and the science. The following session, guided by Virginia Vandini, sociologist and counsellor, focused on “communication and relationships” and through a series of exercises, the participants could have a deeper insight into the world of communication.

In the afternoon, the programme continued with an inspiring speech by Robin Chionna entitled “Knowing yourself”. A chance for the participants to receive advices and guidance on how to better discover our character and develop our relationship with others and with God. A day full of interesting topics was enriched by the prayer and meditation experience, guided by Elena Chirulli who created a warm atmosphere and guided the participants to open their hearts to God. The evening concluded with entertainments, games, dances and karaoke. On the last day, after the morning stretching and readings, the participants heard a lecture by Giuseppe Calì entitled “me, between God’s Providence and world situation” who made everyone reflect about the ideal society that we wish to create. A society where everybody lives as brothers and sisters and the priority is the collective well- being, where the family instead of money is at the centre of the economy. It’s important that we raise this awareness and we each make effort to make this ideal a reality.

After the lecture the participants had time to write their reflection about the workshop and then each of them received a certificate of attendance. The workshop concluded with a prayer and cheers of mansei followed by a delicious lunch prepared by the kitchen staff Elisa Gonella, Maria and Kevin Piperis. Special thanks to all the staff, the participants and the lecturers who made this workshop a wonderful and memorable experience.

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