International President’s Special Lecture: Sun Jin Nim Answers Members’ Questions at Cheongpyeong


By Julian Gray, FFWPU International

May 5, 2017

On the national Korean holiday of Children’s Day, FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon spoke to a crowd of several thousand gathering in the main hall of the Cheongpyeong Training Center for the “Azalea Purification Festival.” At these Cheongpyeong “Great Works” workshops, special spiritual power comes to help those present to release the pain of their ancestors, and of many spirits trapped on the earth plane, and give them the chance to experience God’s profound love for the first time.

Seating herself at the front of the stage, as has become her tradition, Sun Jin Nim immediately created a family atmosphere. She began the session by reading the entirety of True Mother’s speech given at the same venue at the Korean National Pastors’ Assembly on March 29. Before she began, she compared Mother’s speeches to pearls on a thread and suggested that we need to study these pearls closely to understand the depth of True Mother’s meaning.

After the hoondok reading, Sun Jin Nim opened the floor to questions, expressing that she hoped that the format of questions and answers would bring the spirit of hope, shedding light where there is dark, and bringing healing and understanding of higher truth.

Following are some of the points Sun Jin Nim gave in response to the questions asked.

Regarding True Mother’s specific wishes for by 2020, Sun Jin Nim asked the audience what they felt the answer might be. A sister in the front answered “We have to be tribal messiahs;” Sun Jin Nim was impressed by the sister’s swift response.  She mentioned we should think about True Parents’ great works over 52 years together, and that Mother is thinking about how to fulfill Father’s dream of One Family under God.

On the question of what to focus on in the years remaining before 2020, Sun Jin Nim responded by explaining about True Mother’s heart: Mother is focused on 2020. We have received the Blessing on the family level and are working on our tribes, but True Parents want to establish a global family under God. Mother says that Father cannot ascend in peace unless we fulfill our mission. Mother is trying to complete True Parents’ mission on earth. She is asking True Parents’ children to stand with her as filial children in the task to restore all 7.4 billion people in the world.

Mother has expressed that we need at least 7 nations to become God’s nations. In recognizing that, all over the world, members in not just 7 nations but many more are trying their very best, Sun Jin Nim said, “I know you who are gathered here are all trying your best too.”


Understanding Father and Mother’s Hearts

Sun Jin Nim candidly acknowledged that ours is a very difficult path: “None of us is perfect,” she said. “Only True Parents are perfect. The rest of us are growing. You are here in Cheongpyeong to renew your faith and spirit. I hope you can understand Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ legacy so it can be yours.”

The next question was asking for advice on how to inherit True Parents’ heart (shimjung) and become one with them. In asking the audience members to give their answer, Sun Jin Nim said, “You may look to me for the answer but I know many wise elders here and pure second generation, and that Heavenly Parent has taught you well.” She explained that True Parents’ shimjung is their absolute, unchanging, unconditional love.

In keeping with this, Sun Jin Nim explained that in front of our Heavenly Parent, True Parents are in the position of filial children. God has been looking for Adam and Eve and that Father and Mother are the children God has raised from their youth to be True Parents. Thus Father met Jesus as a teenager, whilst Mother was blessed with Father also during her teens. “And as the son and daughter who have fulfilled their mission, as True Parents they are to give rebirth to the rest of humankind. We too must go the way of a true man or woman, but to do so we need to understand True Parents’ heart.”

Everything Starts from a Desire to Know What Is True
On the issue of how to gain the will to work for God’s providence or encourage second generation members to do so, Sun Jin Nim said everything comes from our desire to ask questions and to know the truth. That is how many came to join our movement: we wanted to know true answers. We all need to find our faith, we all need to find our will. Absolute faith, love and obedience is to inherit the truth not just to know it in our mind. When you apply it in action, you can then become a teacher for others.

So the first step is that each of us needs to ask within myself. Our mission is then to train ourselves in order to become a master.

Sun Jin Nim continued by explaining clearly that no one can give you your faith or make you, perforce, follow anything you don’t want to. That is why inheritance is key. For first generation, you know how hard it is to separate from the fallen world. A pure 2nd generation child has the responsibility to honor the gift [of purity] he or she has received, to not let the parents’ path be wasted, but, instead, to honor their effort.

Choosing to Live Unselfishly

One member asked about overcoming self-centeredness. Sun Jin Nim answered as follows:

In Mother’s speech she identifies the main issue in human suffering as greed, self-centeredness. All nations’ history is about protecting themselves over others. It has been the same problem since the time of the Fall.

So how to get rid of selfish thinking? We need to understand True Parents’ teaching to live for the sake of others. What is our main message? Living with true love. What is the essence of true love? Giving in service – giving away what you desire, thinking of others’ needs first. Every day we must practice humility, service, and living for the sake of others. These answers are in True Parents’ words. Understanding and practicing Heavenly Parent’s truth allows us to move along the pathway to perfection.

An audience member asked Sun Jin Nim about her own experience of absolute faith, love and obedience, to which Sun Jin Nim responded by revealing some of the challenges in faith she had faced as a young person, and clarified that her heart to attend True Parents, as it is now, developed later on.

Sun Jin Nim said that the call comes to all of us as one family together, to serve our True Parents. True Parents are calling. How do we connect? Mother says we have to understand why we are living: life is a course of maturing. We have choices, and each choice we make can help prevent others having to go a difficult course later on.


Sun Jin Nim said she had not at first understood faith, love or obedience.  But once you practice and serve, your heart and abilities deepen each day. Sun Jin Nim said, “I am not perfect; every day I work on that. What you feel is what I feel in my heart. We are no different. We must all practice heavenly truth and wisdom. And absolute faith, love and obedience.”

One member asked Sun Jin Nim to teach some yoga or meditation. Sun Jin Nim responded by briefly telling something from her personal story:
“After Father had ascended, Mother was coming to Hawaii. I prepared for Mother for two weeks, in tears, praying for Father to help me. Then I came across an advertisement for Yoga, and this practice, along with hoondokhae, linked me with a higher sense of the spirit.”

Sun Jin Nim then led the members in a Crown of Glory meditation, which enables the participant to visualize someone who has caused them pain and helps him or her to feel love for that person.

Finally, Sun Jin Nim gave out gifts of silk scarves to seven sisters participating in the workshop. She asked these lucky sisters their names, tied the scarves lovingly around their necks, and gave them a big hug.

The meeting concluded with three victory cheers, and with many hearts no doubt deeply moved and inspired.

Note: The above content is summarized from notes made at the time of the event and are a guide to the spirit and gist of some of the points she made. They should not be taken as a perfect expression of our International President’s words or quoted as such.

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