Italy: International Day of Families 2017

“Family: Education and Wellbeing” Conference in the Italian Parliament, by UPF, IAPP, WFWP, FFWPU Italy


By Giuseppe Cali

On the occasion of the international day of families 2017 of the UN, we held a one-day conference in the Palazzo San Macuto of the Italian Parliament on May 17, 2017.

Several parliamentarians and senators participated actively, by sponsoring the event and giving a speech during the conference: Hon. Bechis, Hon. Rampi, Hon. D’Ottavio, Hon. Centemero, Sen. Scilipoti. The hall was full of President of NGO’s, politicians, heads of family and children associations. Once again, we could realize how important and hot is the family issue for the Italian society, nowadays.

Beside the parliamentarians, as speakers, we had the Director of the “Institute for superior studies on women” and Head of the Vatican committee on family, Dr. Marta Rodriguez, that spoke about Family and sustainable development, Dr. Raffaella Saso, representing EURISPES, a research institute, reporting about the situation of the family in the Italian society, Dr. Raffaele Cavaliere, on the problematic of the gender ideology, Dr. Massimo Marzi, author of “Benegiornale”, a news production centered on reporting good news to contrast the spread of pessimism, hopelessness and mistrust, by the normal money centered media, Dr. Chiara Gambino, that spoke on the parental role in the modern society and Dr. Massimo Rosselli Del Turco, speaking about the problem of the children in broken families and the inadequacy of the social support from institutions.

Representing our organizations we had Gabriella Mieli as MC in the morning session, introducing the UN Family Day and its meaning, Carlo Zonato, President of the UPF, that introduced True Parents view on family, introducing the three Blessings and the four realms of heart, Elisabetta Nistri, President of the WFWP, explaining about the necessity of a new proper balance in society between man and woman, centered on the husband and wife relationship in the family and introducing True Mother to the audience and touching the heart of everybody, Giuseppe Calì, President of the Family Federation for World Peace, recently registered as Foundation, giving the final speech explaining how True Parents are guiding the spiritual and cultural revolution in the world based on True Love, interreligious dialogue, true family values, and living for the sake of others and calling all the auditory to a mobilization to create together a network aimed to build up a new society.

A discussion followed the afternoon session, with many prominent participants giving their comments and asking questions to the speakers. Among them, Lady Dr. Ziva Fisher, the President of the Italian branch of the “World Jewish Lady Association”, one of the biggest women organizations in the world, heads of national institutions and other

professionals and professors. That received the Ambassadors for Peace certificate at the end, together with Dr. Gemma Guerrini, an important representative of the Roma City Hall.

Moderating the afternoon session was Dr. Righini a TV program conductor, that broadcasted the conference in streaming and published it in a National TV channel “ONE TV”, through the National Pay TV “SKY”.

We realized, as well, that the family issued is a real front line nowadays. Especially politicians were quite divided on this issue. Our view is clear, but they are influenced by a wrong “politically correct” understanding of human rights and sexuality. What was really amazing is that when some of them tried to support some part of the gender ideology of the gay family, as many politicians and media do these days, the audience strongly replied to them. We didn’t need ourselves to defend our view: people did it. Once again, we understand that the time to come out has come. There are many Abel type people that are ready to understand and support God’s Providence. Six Ambassador for Peace certificates were given at the end.

All the speakers gave meaningful talks, but sincerely speaking, our three speeches were the most appreciated by the audience. At the end, we could collect a lot of requests for knowing more about our vision and cooperate with us. They recognized that our way is a real true alternative to the hopeless society we are living in. We thank God and True Parents for having given us such powerful vision and for having educated us in such a way. We have now much to offer to society and much hope to give to people and organizations.

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