Indonesia: Youth Leadership Training


Prepared by UPF Indonesia

This 4-Day Youth Leadership Training from May 11 to 14, 2017, was the result of witnessing activities and the fruit of the National Tour that has been conducted throughout the nation of Indonesia. Out of 77 participants, 32 of them came from different provinces and the remaining were from Jakarta and its surroundings. They truly had a fruitful time in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood as they shared valuable experiences with each other. Most importantly, they all were impressed by the program and deeply inspired by the contents of the Divine Principle presented by the UPF speakers; they are looking forward to further training and activities with UPF.

Three of our Peace Ambassadors, Mr. Yasril Baharuddin, Convener of IAPP Indonesia, Dr. Agus Mulyana, Chairman, Masjid Agung Harakatul Jannah, and Mr. Radif, lecturer of Djuanda University, had invited 16 of the participants and came as our special guests for the Closing Ceremony to give encouragement and motivational messages to all the young people calling for harmony, understanding and cooperation among all Indonesians irrespective of religion, political views, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They emphasized the need to hold onto the founding principles and constitution of the nation which is summarized in the motto “Unity in Diversity”.

This workshop came at a crucial time when Indonesia is rocked by communal strife and inter-religious fighting and the Indonesian President had to call on the religious leaders to help preserve the unity of the nation. All workshop participants were able to experience this unity of heart despite their cultural, religious and ethnic diversity and truly felt the spirit of “One Family Under God” in action.

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