The Archbishop Guided to True Parents by a Catholic Saint

The following true story comes from one lady member in Italy, who quite to her surprise had a very special visitor from the spirit world. But the visitor had not come for personal reasons, and her visits touched the life of a prominent Catholic Archbishop in a remarkable way. Even though the events recounted here happened nearly 20 years ago, due to their sensitive nature we have decided not to include the name of our member or the name of the Archbishop.


At the beginning of June 1998, the Blessing was approaching, and we were not ready to offer a victory to God. Around June 10, I started feeling the presence of some¬body, and at times I could also see a figure in white, but only from the neck down. I wasn’t afraid, but my spiritual senses were opening, and I was becoming more sensitive. Sometimes I could understand things before they actually happened.

St. Catherine of Siena, Italy

On June 13, 1998 [the date of the Blessing Ceremony in New York City] I was alone at home, and I was sorry because we hadn’t prepared well for the Blessing. The broadcast over the satellite link would begin that afternoon, but we had not prepared to celebrate the event. At that time, I saw the whole spirit body of the person in white for the first time. The person asked me to go and pray near True Parents’ picture. She told me that she was Catherine (St. Catherine of Siena) and that we should pray for the special events of that day.

I prayed with her for about forty minutes. Then, she asked me to get something to write with. Thus, she started giving her first message. I was very calm, as if the whole experience were very natural. When I finished writing, I asked myself what had happened, because I didn’t know much about her and I didn’t know her. When I later looked at a book containing her portrait, I realized that it was the same face I had seen.

Until December of that year she gave me messages that I passed on to the national leader. We didn’t give them to anyone else, because I was wondering whether it was really her or whether it was a trick played by the spirit world or Satan—even though the messages were very clear and according to the Principle.

In April of 1999, I received another message. It was very clear, and it had to be shared with all the members. I became confused, and I didn’t know what to do, because, even for myself, it wasn’t easy to accept the situation of being one to receive such communications. I worried about what others would say or do. The message, however, was very clear [about creating unity] and even though it was difficult for me I gave it to the national messiah and national leader.

From that moment on, the messages were shared with everyone, and more messages followed. Many brothers and sisters received great benefit from that. [The messages reflected the concern of the good spirit world for the renewal of blessed couples’ faith, and for unity on all levels] To hear how the spirit world testifies to our True Parents has allowed some of us to reflect upon the value of our days lived here on earth.

In August, we went to the Vatican to visit the tombs of the popes. At that time, I felt with my whole being the suffering of their being secluded in that gilded world that seems to have lost its original spirituality. I felt the spirits of the departed popes were asking for help and for prayer in order to be saved. They also wanted Christianity to connect with God’s current providence.

After that, we started a forty-day prayer condition with our Korean national messiah, Rev. Song Keun-shik, and four other members. Every morning we got up at 5:30, recited the Pledge, then left for the Vatican. At 7:00, St. Peter’s Basilica [the central church of the Catholic faith, in Rome] opens its doors, and we would go inside to pray, and to read the Principle. On Sundays, a lot of members would come, and we had beautiful spiritual experiences.

At the end of the forty days, one prominent Catholic Archbishop telephoned the wife of Rev. Song and asked her if she would treat him with moxa [a herb that is burned so that its healing smoke permeates the skin], because his arm was painful.

While receiving treatment, the Archbishop also listened to the Principle. It was explained to him about Mary, about the question of whether Jesus was able to fulfill his role as the Messiah or not, and about the providence of True Parents.

What we said about Mary’s role was not easy for him to understand. Then Rev. Song’s wife told him that one sister was receiving messages from St. Catherine. He decided to meet and talk with me, in order to understand whether those messages and my experience were authentic.

We met, only the two of us, in a big hall. His face was very serious and full of concentration. In that moment, I felt his spiritual energy and power, and I understood that he had a commanding knowledge of the spirit world. At the same time, I was worried, because I did not know what was going to happen.

He told me that he was going to write every single word of what I said. He said that I did not need to be afraid: very often the saints come and speak to us, but after that some other spirits may interfere and disturb us. He has the power to understand those things and find out the truth. Then he closed the door and began asking me questions:

“When did the messages start?”

I replied, “June 13, 1998.”

“Were they written down?”

I said they were.

“Please summarize the content of the messages.” I did so.

After the questions ended, he asked to talk with St. Catherine, and offered a special prayer. He invoked the Holy Spirit so that it might purify me, and let St. Catherine enter my body. I felt an incredible energy, come from the top of my head, and slowly enter my body. I felt I had to leave my body, and that’s what actually happened. (I was aware of what was happening in the room, but I was separate from it.)

St. Catherine spoke about the urgency that Heavenly Father is feeling in our time. She said that all those who have been using God for their own personal purposes could no longer do so. The time has come for us to take responsibility to love our Father with filial love. After that the explanation of the Principle began, focusing on the roles of each central figure in Jesus’ time, including the role of Mary. The Archbishop accepted these teachings because he understood the purpose for which God had sent the Messiah.

In the beginning, their conversation wasn’t calm. They were arguing. He was very strong, but she no less so. In the adjacent kitchen, people could hear the discussion. Then the argument cooled down, and the topic centered on the explanation of the Principle and the value of the Blessing.

St. Catherine explained the Principle to him: from the purpose of creation to the value of the Blessing and the coming of True Parents; how God fulfills His will through the True Parents; that Jesus’ role was not to die on the cross but to realize a central family; that spirit people suffer a lot in the spirit world because they are not on the earth at this time; that before the arrival of True Parents they [people in the spirit world] had not understood God’s pain and Jesus’ role; and also the long time during which God had prepared so that He could educate one people.

In tears, Catherine asked the Archbishop to follow True Parents, to study the Principle. She told him that Jesus is with True Parents, and that the Archbishop’s ancestors were pushing him to realize unity between Christianity and True Parents. He asked her how he was to deal with his many commitments, and she answered that the top priority was True Parents.

When I opened my eyes, his face was incredibly bright, as if light were emanating from his skin. He was not tired, but, rather, looked relaxed and happy to have listened to these words. Then he started questioning the value of his position in the Vatican, because each individual must unite with God through the Messiah, and True Parents are bringing this world to God through the restoration of humanity. The returning Messiah forms the first original family and sets the foundation for the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven.

He was very happy, and confirmed that it was indeed St. Catherine who was giving the messages. He said she had promised him she would always stay close to him, help and support him, but that he had to take responsibility for the restoration of the Vatican and the unity between Christianity and the True Parents.

Before leaving, I asked him to sign one book of mine about St. Catherine, and he wrote “To Catherine: may the Lord bless and be with you.”


Pinturicchio’s “Pope Aeneas Piccolomini Canonizes Catherine of Siena,” a fresco in the Piccolomini Library, Siena Cathedral

One of the actual messages the Archbishop received from St. Catherine

December 1, 1999

How much suffering is in your heart and how many tears you are shedding, Monsignor! I am always close to you in the moments you need the most. I promised to help you and I am doing it. Close to you there is your spiritual tribe, and your family is supporting you. They have met True Parents and they are working so that they (True Parents) may be victorious.

You have given so much. Who¬ever has knocked at your door has always received words of comfort and help. You have helped so many people, and so many people have helped you! If you reflect back on your life you have surely given much. Now, is a very special time, but it is a time when you can grow internally.

Jesus did not have to die on the cross. God’s original plan was for him to get married and build the first family in which Heavenly Father could feel at home, but it did not work out like that. Now, with the True Parents, God’s original plan is being fulfilled, and you must be part of it. You must help True Parents in this special time. You have been prepared for something great. Victory will come. Please, unite your heart with Heavenly Father’s through the True Parents. Your foundation of the New Testament must now find completion in the Completed Testament.

The Blessing was God’s original plan. The Ceremony is the external aspect. You know what is now left of Jesus’ spirit. The foundation of love no longer exists. Please, help those who are closest to you to change and witness to True Parents. You will be blessed by God for eternity. You feel our support and we listen to your prayers. We can see you when you ask God, “What shall I do? Show me the way.” True Parents are the only way of salvation for the whole of humankind. We can think about a lot of material positions or prestige, but you know that those things end quickly. Nothing of that goes to the spirit world. Only your heart will be with you for eternity, and you have given so much love. Please, bring your spiritual growth to completion with God’s will and not with the will of external positions. Use your spiritual potential to make True Parents victorious in this nation. We [the good spirit world] will always be with you. Please, accept these words that are coming from our hearts.

Monsignor, you are blessed by Heavenly Father. Jesus has embraced you so much, but he is now following True Parents. Please follow God’s will too according to the new dispensation centered upon True Parents.

May Heavenly Father give you His eternal blessing through the love of True Parents. I am Catherine. I know you have been waiting for this message. Please, receive all my support and the support of the spirit world that is witnessing to the True Parents and to Heavenly Father’s love.”


Catherine of Siena was proclaimed one of the two patron saints of Italy by the Pope in 1939 along with St Francis of Assisi.

On the personal experience with St. Catherine

My experience with St. Catherine began when our nation was at a very difficult point. The spiritual world intervened to steer us away from the worst of this. Without taking an important position itself, the spirit world took the position of guiding us toward the road of the Principle, until the nation could find its equilibrium. The education I received from this is that in the first place, there is God and True Parents. The spiritual world is an instrument working for the realization of God’s will.

I was sometimes accused by those who thought my experiences were not real but, rather, my own invention, because I could not predict the future, and because I never gave special instructions. But what I understood was that the significance of the messages I received from St. Catherine was not to do with anyone’s personal problems. If I asked her about a private problem she always answered that the brother or sister in question must read True Parents’ words, and therein would be the solution.

In February 2000, at the time of the Blessing, one morning St. Catherine cried so much because she did not have anything to offer to God and True Parents. At that point I understood St. Catherine’s heart, and this for me was more important than being able to read the future.

I understand that, for the good spirit world, God and God’s work come before anything else.

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