Philippines: Graduation Ceremony of International Leadership Training Program


by Jessa Palasan & Julius Malicdem

Last May 12, 2017, the International Leadership Training Program (ILTP) 5th Class of the International Peace Leadership College in the Philippines formally concluded their 1-year program through the holding of the Graduation Ceremony. The International Leadership Training Program also known as “I Love True Parents”, is a 1-year training program for the incoming seniors of the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC). Through this program, students experience public way of life through various out- campus activities like fundraising, witnessing, lecturing, serving other people and the community, adventure training, and travel to various countries especially participation in the Asian Top Gun Workshop in the Fatherland, Korea. ILTP is the core program that assists students grow in their life of faith and develop their hearts, transforming them to be persons that God expects them to be as future leaders of the world.

During the Graduation Ceremony wherein the 48 students who could successfully complete the required activities of ILTP of IPLC were filled with so much joy and happiness after surpassing all the difficulties and challenges. They received their certificates of graduation from the National Leader and CIG Special Envoy of Philippines, Rev. Julius Malicdem together, together with IPLC President, Dr. Venus Agustin, and the Director of Character and Leadership Development office, Rev. Gilson Rosa. In addition, 9 students received their Certificate of Recognition for completing their mission in other Asian nations like Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, Brunei and Malaysia as part of their 1-year training. After the awarding, the participants received a Congratulatory Message from IPLC President, Dr. Agustin and message of inspiration from Rev. Julius Malicdem. The high spirited young leaders showcased their exciting performances to the delight of the audience.

Very moving testimonies were given by two outstanding trainees. One testified about their amazing experience in their 1-year ILTP training and how much she had changed. She testified how much her perspective on life have changed and learned how to overcome her limitations. The ILTP truly have helped the young leaders to realize how precious they are to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. One testified that the highlight of their 1-year ILTP training was the opportunity to participate in the Asian Top Gun Workshop held in Korea and their once in a lifetime opportunity to meet True Parents, True Mother. They all testified how fortunate they are to see True Mother face to face and even had the chance to perform in front of True Mother. In unison, they sincerely made determination to become filial sons and daughters and become truly the light of the world. So much gratitude filled theirs hearts, as they received so much love from Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

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