France: Meeting African Christian Pastors


Prepared by UPF France

With the long-term view of sharing the Blessing, we contacted several of our older acquaintances and Peace Ambassadors who are Christian pastors of the African diaspora and guiding their congregation living in France. On Saturday 13 May, four pastors, three Unification members who had joined in Africa before migrating to France, two former Unification missionaries to Africa and the national leader gathered in Paris.

The objective was to share knowledge and experience in the pastoral care of the families making up our congregations, hoping that we could learn from each other and work together in a common project. M. Jacques Marion shared first the main points of the Stuttgart project concerning the present situation of the family in Europe and how to overcome the challenges it faces.

Then, Mrs. Hanna Lotterie, former UC missionary to Africa showed pictures of our recent activities in Africa and Mr. Jean-François Moulinet, national leader of France, presented publications in process of translation that could help us in our future projects, such as World Scripture, True Family Values, etc.

The presence of our African members and those who had worked for many decades in Africa helped the pastors to form their trust in us and our intentions. They were eager to learn more about the content of our teaching of the family and how this could help them to support especially their youths growing up in a very secular society.

There were many interesting discussions and laughter around a lunch in a nearby restaurant and promises made to meet very soon again to develop our relations and exchange.

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