France: Forum “Family and Society”


The Family in the 21st Century – Evolution or Crisis?

Prepared by UPF France

As Monday, 15 May 2017 marked the International Day of Families, it seemed the appropriate date to launch our new Forum “Family and society”.

The Forum’s main objectives are to:

  • Examine the various relationships within the family, and their link and impact on society and human development;
  • Examine the universality of family values and their potential to revive our society;
  • Study the history of the family, its development and the various forms it adopted during time;
  • Examine whether the recent transformation of the family ought to be considered a new step in its evolution or as a crisis it must face;
  • Share the results of our work with decision makers and the larger public through reports, publications and the Internet;
  • Have Peace Ambassadors and Unificationist members work together on a common project.

The Forum is co-chaired by the French chapters of UPF and WFWP and FAVORLU, an association created on the local level of the towns of Orsay and Les Ulis. Mrs. Hanna Lotterie, president of FAVORLU (Families and values – Orsay-Les Ulis) was asked to moderate the Forum.

Around 20 Peace Ambassadors and Unificationist members gathered in the Espace Barrault Paris Education Center. Mr. Jacques Saliba, sociologist, and lecturer on family mediation, spoke on the topic. He traced the various changes the family went through in France and Europe, mainly from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, from there to the modern ages and our present time. Examples from his experience of a researcher, teacher, husband, father and grandfather.

Mr. Jacques Marion, head of UPF- France spoke briefly on UPF’s view on the family. Then many questions from around the tables inspired Mr. Saliba to add even more of his wisdom and knowledge. The lectures and the participants concluded that even though the family went through many changes and adjustments with the flow of time, the main and fundamental roles and positions that compose the family, namely that of father, mother, children, brothers and sisters, remained stable, because they are essential for human development and a harmonious society.

Time was in fact too short to cover the topic and the promise was made to meet again in near future.

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