East Africa: Religious Leaders’ Blessing Festival


Prepared by FFWPU East Africa

On May 25, 2017, we had an Interfaith Peace Blessing in Zambia, for 34 religious leaders from around the East Africa region, fully organized by five religious leaders who received the Blessing last year. This was the experiential part of Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop to show our Heavenly Tribal Messiah leaders how to work with religious leaders.

These five religious leaders are: Bishop Prince Musopelo, Bishop Fewdes Chiboboka, Pastor Andrew Mulenga, Pastor Kapya Chama and Pastor Esau Zimba. They were tasked with sensitizing and inviting at least 40 colleagues to attend the Blessing during the HTM Workshop. For the past two weeks or so, they have been crisscrossing the country mobilizing.

It was amazing seeing them taking full control. One of them had to officiate, another being Master of Ceremony, yet another doing the Blessing presentation, and all of the others help in giving out the Holy Wine and led the Indemnity Stick Ceremony. Our members were just there as support staff to make sure the ceremony went well according to the standard.

Each one of them gave a testimony of what the Blessing of True Parents had done in their lives. Pastor Mulenga said how he met FFWPU through Prophet Thole, his spiritual leader, who organized a Blessing Ceremony in December 2015. “When Prophet Thole spoke to us about working with FFWPU and attending the Blessing in December 2015, I didn’t know what to expect,” he said, “I was reluctant at first but as the Blessing ceremony went on, I became more and more interested. My wife and I prayed for grace during our 40-Day separation. Since then, our married life has been blessed. We are more than ever happily married thanks to Father and Mother Moon!” Pastor Esau Zimba explained how selfish and greedy he was before and thanks to the Blessing and the Divine Principle study, “My wife can testify, we now discuss together how to spend our income!”

Each one of the pastors embraced fondly his wife after the testimony. True Parents’ miracles and wonders could be seen directly to the delight of the 34 others as they responded with “Amen” at first and then “Aju!”

Pastor Mulenga explained the history of the Blessing while praising True Parents for their great achievement and the “hope that they have brought to the world!”

Archbishop Dr. Johannes Ndanga, President of the Apostolic Council of Churches, from Zimbabwe who came as a guest, in his Congratulatory Address, thanked the religious leaders who had accepted to take part in this Blessing for their faith and their “courage to embrace the vision and ideal of strengthening marriage and family of Father and True Mother Moon.” He said, “This is the way to go. We need to heal our families and as a foundation for peace in our nations.” The epitome of the whole program was hearing this Archbishop speaking so fondly of “True Mother”.

They all made us even more proud of True Parents. Our members were moved by the testimonies. Ms. Ramaroson from Madagascar said, “It was overwhelming and amazing seeing these religious leaders testifying at ease to True Parents and about what the Blessing has done in their lives!” Mrs. Paul Maureen from Uganda “I am speechless! True Parents’ foundation is so great! Seeing these pastors testifying to True Parents’ love and Blessing is really wonderful. I am looking forward to replicate this in Uganda.” Mr. Joseph Tegwere from Zimbabwe said, “The deep rooted knowledge in scriptures and their interpretations has made me feel that we are closer now that ever to touch the Christian hearts.” Mr. Manii Joseph Kheoana from Lesotho said, “I have learned from today’s program that the vision of our True Parents has been accomplished. The hope for a unified world of peace and prosperity shared by all people loving and living together in harmony as one family under God is closer than ever.” Mr. Elisee Mwanainchi Kasereka from DR Congo said, “I am grateful to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the opportunity to witness this. This will help us reflect and enrich our way of doing tribal messiah activity and the Blessing.”

Our members are reborn through this workshop and from the reflections we can see that the Pentecost is taking place in Zambia, thanks to True Parents, will soon spread throughout Africa.


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