DR Congo: Launching of the National Network of Journalists for Peace


Prepared by FFWPU DR Congo

In response to the call of our True Mother since 2013 and following the recent resolutions of the All Africa Summit held in Lusaka, Zambia last April, the Democratic Republic of Congo, a key strategic country, decided to launch the world media association through setting up a global network of journalists for peace. The topic for our event was The Role of the Media in the realization of a World of Peace.

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, with the presence of the president of the FFWPU DR Congo and Secretary General of UPF DR Congo, more than 150 audio-visual professionals, print media and online media as well as Congolese VIPs responded to the invitation.

The purpose of this national media conference was to lay the foundation for the restoration of the nation through witnessing to the ruling Elite of the country so that a large number of important opinion leaders may have a positive image of the True Parents by 2020.

On the same day, the World Network of Journalists was launched with more than 200 signatures from public and private media executives, we opened the book with the signature of the secretary general of the World Media Association to collect more Signatures in order to proclaim our true father by 2020 as GLOBAL LEADER and World Peace maker.

Several speakers took turns to testify about all providential organizations and peace initiatives. We assigned 20 laureates who agreed to follow the vision of peace and spread the principles of universal peace.

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