Côte d’Ivoire: Special Workshop for Celestial Church of Christ


Prepared by FFWPU West Africa

On May 12 to 13, 2017 we held a special workshop with the leadership of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) which took place at the regional headquarters.

We had 7 leaders, including the national president of CCC, a son of the founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, the national Youth leader, the Secretary General of FFWPU West Africa, a Medical Doctor and His Wife, and two women leaders.

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the Divine Principle and the lecture included the Introduction, Principle of Creation, The Fall of Man, Mission of Christ, Last Days and Second Advent.

On the first day we spoke about the introduction and the Principle of Creation. During the lectures, the participants listened very carefully, and asked many questions at each step. They were interested and wanted to understand more about God. Even if the time was over, the women leaders wanted to continue.

Next day the two ladies arrived before the Youth leader. They received presentations on the Fall and The Messiah. The youth leader listened this time without a question. Ladies were so concerned about the Fall and moved at the point that they asked what to do. When the Mission of the Messiah was presented their so chocked that John the Baptist failed. The presentation on the Messiah was very clear and systematic to open they eyes on the true story of the lord Jesus. When we finished, they asked for the next presentation but their mentioned that they have some obligations during the next week.

The good point is that those who could not come due some obligations are scheduled for the last week of the month and the national President of the church asked that we planned his appointment as Peace Ambassador in his own temple with many others dignitaries.

Celestial Church of Christ was founded in September 1947 in Benin by Samuel Bileou Oshoffa. He died in September 9, 1985 by car accident. After his death, the church went through division among his disciples. Since 2015, he has been appearing to the spiritualists of his church asking his youngest sons to lead the church to unification. Based on this concern, we wanted to build trust and lead them at last towards the blessing marriage as the best way to Unite the CCC. They are opened to the idea, but we went leaders to understand thoroughly the Principle then they will receive the blessing, after that they will be educated to conduct the blessing in their churches which are more than 3000.

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