Cheon Il Guk Missionaries: Costa Rica’s CARP Family Grows

Catch up with the Generation Peace Academy Cheon Il Guk (CIG) Missionary Trainees


by Anick Mulecki, GPA

Our week started off with a 21st birthday celebration for our dear older brother and fellow CIG Missionary Robert Cunningham on Monday, April 17!

Then, on the weekend of April 21-22, we had our first 2-day Divine Principle seminar. On the first day, together with two new guests, we heard a lecture from Senora Daisy about the Principles of Creation. The guests had many questions about how God was able to create the entire cosmos.

On the second day of the seminar, two more guests joined us. During the afternoon lectures, they all learned about the Human Fall and the true meaning behind the symbols in the Bible for the very first time. Despite having many questions, the guest shared about how they’re very eager to learn more about the Divine Principle in one-on-one studies. After the seminar, all four guests signed up become official members of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP).

Lily:The thought that a person cannot change from night to morning and much less change at all–that’s what I think. I like the activities of Heroes, to give back to people what life has given me. But with respect to the religious side, to put on a name is not something that, at this moment, I can do in my heart. Today many doubts came to me and it’s difficult to accept some things, but I want to continue to study Principio Divino (Dine Principle). For now, I want to continue trying to find true love, to serve others, and to love the Second Coming of the Messiah.

Jeikol:This is my reflection for the seminar of the Divine Principle. I came at night to the CARP seminar and I was thinking, ‘What is this Unification Church that I’ve never heard of?’ For that reason I decided to come back to solve problems and to ask the questions many have asked. I doubted a lot at first but I heard an in-depth presentation on the Divine Principle as well and they explained CARP and what are the missionaries are here for. To conclude my conclusion, the bases used to explain the Divine Principle were very interesting, and with that logic, I could open my mind to a cosmos which I did not think about and which I did not know was so real. I was taught many new things and I am happy to learn more about the Divine Principle.

On Sunday, April 23, we held a Heroes seminar where we made an original eco-bag to take care of the environment. After looking over the opinions and ideas expressed in our Heroes seminar discussion, we came up with the amazing idea to create eco-friendly bags. On the 23rd, a lecture was also given called, “If the World Were 100 Villages.” Through the lecture and other activities we were able to learn about the world’s poverty, hunger, and other disparities. This information was new for a lot of us so we were able to open our minds and see what we can do to take care of the environment and support others in need in our own communities.

On Wednesday, April 26, we had another Korean cultural event, and on Saturday, April 29, we had our second-to-last 1-day Divine Principle seminar for this semester. The purpose of these seminars are not only for new guests to attend Divine Principle lectures but also to complete applications to join CARP. At Saturday’s seminar, six guests participated who were interested in the lectures and asked questions. At the end of the seminar, five of them signed up to join CARP.

Sasha Okon:Wow! This moment was unbelievable. It still feels like a dream. Throughout the entire seminar I was praying, worrying, even doubting, but I was so grateful when Andrea said she wanted to join. After she left, my heart was beating like crazy. I want to offer this moment to Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and to my parents.

Robert Cunningham:After the Divine Principle seminar I felt so much gratitude to Heavenly Parent. Of course, for my guests to be able to hear the Principle and to join CARP, but especially for God’s guidance in my own life. I thought back to when I first joined GPA, and how I never imagined I would be here, doing this today. It gave me a lot of hope for our guests and to many others in my life that God most definitely has a plan for them. Thank you, Heavenly Parent, True Parents and everyone for your support!”

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