Cameroon: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop

by Bekuike Jonalus, FFWPU Cameroon

We organized 7-day Divine Principle workshop from the 9th to 15th of April 2017 at our FFWPU headquarter in Yaounde. The opening ceremony was scheduled on the evening of Sunday the 9th but due to some technical hitches lectures started effectively only on Monday the 10th.

Seven participants (three females and 4 males) started off the workshop but only six made it to the end. Amongst the seminarians were two drivers, one student of grade one teacher, two middle school students, one university student and one security agent. What made the workshop particular is that participants came from 3 different regions of Cameroon—two from South west, one from the West and 4 from the Center region.

The teaching staff was quite reduced together with the lone kitchen staff—Madam Assy Bekuike. Mr. Bekuike Jonalus lectured on the Divine Principle throughout while Mr. Asong Stephen gave the internal guidance. We are glad to say that the workshop went on hitch free from its very beginning of the workshop to the end.


  • One sixteen-year-old girl said she would like to participate in the blessing offered by True Parents. When informed that her age could not permit her to be a blessing candidate, she said; with permission it is her utmost desire to be a candidate this year.
  • One of the elderly male participant said the Divine Principle teaching should be introduced to schools because of its accuracy in pointing out and proposing solutions to the problems of young people today.
  • Nearly all the seminarians repeated the regret that if they had met the Divine Principle before, their lives would have had a different direction. They also appreciated persistently the two teaching staff of their sincere heart employed throughout their workshop. In fact they were full of enthusiasm.

These impressions were expressed before the congregation that cheered up their courage and enthusiasm. The eldest couple-Mr and Mrs Kamga gave their blessing to the seminarians through a prayer for them in front of the congregation.

The kitchen staff invited the seminarians to a special meal and they dined with the staff to bit them farewell. A family picture closed the ceremony at about 2.00PM that Sunday afternoon.

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