Cambodia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Peace Blessing Festival


Prepared by FFWPU Cambodia

On May 11th, 2017, we held “Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival” in Banan District, Battambang Province, which is located on the northwestern Cambodia. This was heavenly tribal messiahship work of Rev. Masatate Kajikuri, the Secretary General of FFWPU Asia. Especially Mr. Srey Kivsokhom (Director of Provincial Teacher Training Center) and H.E. Chong Phet (Adviser of UPF-Cambodia and Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development) gave very powerful speech about True Parents’ teaching, and testified about the work of UPF-Cambodia. (Many of alumni Ambassadors for Peace, now they are the members, with high position in the society, testified True Parents as they are pound of themselves that they are the disciples of True Parents. Truly they takes the role as John the Baptist.) And all the 430 couples, who joined and received the Heavenly Tribe Messiah Blessing were really inspired, many of them testified the teaching was so profound, and they will never forget the it for the rest of their lives, and through this, they committed to follow the guidance from True Parents, to fulfill the 40-day separation, and 3-day ceremony, and start a new lineage centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Based on this foundation, on very next day (May 12th, 2017), FFWPU-Cambodia, continually conducted another Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival at Sangkat (Commune) Ou Char, in the Battambang City, which located on northwestern part of Cambodia. This is the Mr. Kyoichi & Mrs. Eriko Suzuki’s Tribal Blessing Ceremony (Mrs. Eriko Suzuki is the Rev. Masatate Kajikuri’s aunt.) This is the first time for us to organize HTM Blessing Ceremony, which is prepared by the Home Group in the city. Compared with the people in the countryside, in the city, people’s attitude and preparation is different, that is why our staff were worried. We supposed to start our event at 1:30pm but no one showed up. But 30 minutes later at around  2:00pm, all of sudden, people arrived and the hall was full.

The main VIP guest for this event supposed to be H.E. Nhek Sakun, Deputy Governor of Battambang Province. But the day before the event at the Banan District, TVK (Television of Kampuchia; National TV) broadcast a program about our Blessing Ceremony Event. And this encouraged not only Deputy Provincial Governor to attend the ceremony but also encouraged Provincial Governor, H.E. Chan Sophal to come as well.Right at the time, when the officiator, Mr. & Mrs. Suzuki, proclaimed the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Ceremony, it started to rain very heavily. When King Norodom Sihanuke was in power, people believed wherever he went there was a rain. Since Cambodia is an agricultural nation, Rainmaker is the Peacemaker. And now the Family Federation for World Peace- Cambodia became Rainmaker. True Parents made another legacy in Cambodia.

This time, Mr. Hut Hen served as the MC. And after the Monk’s chanting, Mr. Hajime Saito gave the welcoming remark. This was followed by opening remarks given by the Provincial Governor H.E. Chan Sophal. After that, Mr. Saran Rhong, Director of Vanda Institute in Battambang,  gave the presentation on “Family is the School of Love and Peace”. Mr. Saran Rhong joined FFWPU Cambodia recently, because of his school connection with the CARP Center in Battambang. All the participants were inspired by his speech, as the atmosphere was very good. After that, Director of Buddhism for Development (most famous NGO in North Cambodia), Dr. Heng Monychenda, gave the speech, and in his speech, he gave a high recognition for this interfaith peace blessing festival. After that, a blessed couple, Mr. Pich Yan (Dean of Humanities and Languages, International University Battambang) and his wife served as the officiator of the Holy Wine Ceremony.

Main part of the Blessing Ceremony officiated by Mr. Kyoichi Suzuki and Mrs. Eriko Suzuki Couple. And after that we had a congratulatory song offered by Mr. ZhuXingzhe (Youth Special Envoy to FFWPU-Cambodia). This was followed by the congratulatory remarks given by H.E. Chong Phet (Adviser of UPF-Cambodia and Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development). It was a powerful speech which brought the event to a climax, concluded by the Tangam Stick Ceremony.

The whole program went smoothly, even though this time, we had many unexpected small things, but all our staff members kept alert, and they were ready to support each other and to solve the problems at any time. It seemed like incredible and beyond our ability. Through this experience, we really learned a lot. We felt as long as we can unite with each other centered on the same goal, even with all the limitation we may feel, God’s love has no limitation. As long as we take our responsibility seriously, in vertical alignment with God, with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute abidance, then together with Heavenly Parent and True Parents, we can do anything. We are really grateful for all the great love and merit from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We sincerely wish this can become an offering to lay a spiritual foundation for the mobilization work, to bring our people in Cambodia to Thailand to attend True Mother in June 2017!

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